[tor-project] Notes from May 31 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jun 4 07:48:24 UTC 2018

Notes for May 31 2018 meeting:

1) First Tor Browser nightlies based on Firefox 60 ESR are out; we work
on getting macOS and Windows builds in shape as soon as possible
2) Where are we with the meek/moat/domain fronting situation? Did Amazon
or anywhere else signal they seriously want to help us?
3) Mike:  What's the state of Goolgle ReCAPTCHA blocking Tor users
outright? Are there new results from the measurement side (IIRC I just
saw one/two mails weeks ago)V

1) Returned from Uganda. Antonela and I will be writing up and sharing
our report soon.
2) While in Uganda we encountered a bug in Facebook that prevents
connections over Tor, even with the onion service.
3) Library Freedom Institute starts next week! You can follow along with
our curriculum and see what resources we produce here:
4) Next Saturday I'm speaking at the French librarians' conference in La
Rochelle, France
5) LFP is signing the contract this week to coordinate the Glass Room
Experience in the US
6) Doing lots of Mexico City planning including working on the open
days. Meeting with Gus later to talk about hosting a few sessions for
new people, including Tor trainings/installation in both English and
Spanish, and some other things that can help get people involved.

1) Newsletter going out today
2) Published a post with Ed at PI
3) Who can help with frontdesk?
4) Answered questions for a journalist

1) Finished open reviews and wrapped up tasks worked on by iwakeh. The
metrics team will be 1 person only in June before growing back to 2 in
July with irl.
2) Put out five releases to switch from Gson to Jackson as JSON library,
also as an exercise to hand over CollecTor/Onionoo operation from iwakeh
to irl.

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