[tor-project] US congress wrote a letter to Google and Amazon on domain fronting

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Fri Jul 20 23:01:33 UTC 2018

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 08:51:13AM +0100, Alec Muffett wrote:
> Ergo: nowadays some clever people at Mozilla, Apple, Cloudflare, etc, have
> worked out a way that the envelopes still get addressed in cleartext (123
> West Street, Boston) but the SNI (Alice.COM, Bob.ORG, PP.COM) is encrypted.
> Encrypted SNI means that ISPs cannot editorialise traffic to PP.COM, that
> Alice no longer has to "front" for Bob and suffer both complexity and moral
> complicity, and that overall the messages which are passed back and forth
> to/from all of the above are a LOT less fingerprintable.  You might say,
> "almost anonymous", and that "anonymity loves company". :-)

So to be clear, with encrypted SNI you could get the same benefits of domain
fronting by simply renting hosting where one IP is used for multiple different
services, in exactly the same way that domain fronting is done today?

Or am I missing something?

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