[tor-project] Notes from July 12 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 13 07:07:24 UTC 2018

Notes for July 12 2018 meeting:

0) new bridge auth, and with luck new bridgedb operator
1) fosdem plans? (belgium invite)

1) Nothing new since last thurs.
2) I'll need to know more about the how & when of the bridgeauth change.

1) Nothing new for the group

1) Continue to review candidates for PM
2) Sent sponsor9 phase 2 plan - this week working on countries support
doc to send by Friday
3) Getting started on onion services full proposal to OTF and collecting
ideas for a proposal so OCF related to relay operators
4) Got NCE for Metrics team work with sponsor13 (new deadline is March
31st 2019)
5) Getting started on sponsor8 Q2 report (due end of July)
6) Prep-work for Tor Browser for Android alpha release [
7) Finishing interviews and selection of Fundraising Director
8) Trying to get my visa application for Taiwan (OTF meeting)
9) Looks like the GNUHealth conference will indeed happen in November (I
was invited to talk about how Tor can be useful for health care systems).
10) HOPE is next week! and the week after (Monday 23rd) I will be on
vacation o/
11) Does anyone has an idea for what do we use our current Azure
account? I am looking into it to know if we can use that or need a new
one to have Moat working w/ Azure

1) preparing for HOPE presentation and booth
2) preparing for presentation at NYU Tandon on Monday
3) helping with TBA copy
4) behind on blog posts
5) responding to an inquiry

1) catching up after a week out of the office
2) putting out job offer for new fundraising director
3) hopefully starting interviews for new project manager(s)
4) reviewing several grant reports/proposals due between now and end of
5) signing a few NCEs and other important things

1) Made a couple of Onionoo changes that we're planning to release and
deploy early next week.
2) Started working on a grant proposal for metrics team work related to
supplementary data about relays.

1) finalizing plans for HOPE
2) LFI is in week 6
3) preparing for LFI in-person weekend in August
4) Mexico City meeting planning
5) working on sponsor9 support doc
6) Colin is finalizing PETS plans
7) Gus is getting ready to go to Kenya

1) Starting UX interviews next week
2) Making progress on OONI Probe desktop apps
3) Investigating case of Tor blocking in venezuela
4) Will start looking at the tor_api.h this week or the next
5) Updated South Sudan test list (based on research):
6) Maria is giving a lecture about OONI in Kiev tomorrow, and she's
facilitating an OONI workshop in Kiev on Saturday
7) Submitted footage and materials for OONI MOOC

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