[tor-project] [TSoP 2018] Ahmia status update ~ report #4

Stelios Barberakis chefarov at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 20:54:48 UTC 2018

Hello all,

This an update for the ongoing development of ahmia.fi, as part of Tor
Summer of Privacy 2018.

The last week the following things have been done:

* [ahmia-site]: Replaced uwsgi with gunicorn. The main reasons were that
the former wasn't reporting django startup errors, and presented mysterious
permission problems. Juha has deployed the new environment. [#552dfec

* [ahmia-site]: Started implemented usage statistics (e.g #queries,
#unique_queries, #clicks, etc) as proposed by George. To be commited after
front-end update. More stats  may be added.

* [ahmia-site]: Fixed blacklist page search query to be compatible with
current Elasticsearch version & schema. [#880df27

* [ahmia-index]: Started collecting in a bash script, useful maintenance
snippets, fixes, for issues that we may encounter. [#f24b121

The week before that I was on vacation.

Best Regards,

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