[tor-project] Notes from July 5 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 6 07:32:56 UTC 2018

Notes for July 5 2018 meeting:

1) Do we want to be a verified Brave publisher (see:
https://brave.com/publishers )?
2) I gave a Tor presentation for the Cliqz folks and we had a good
meeting with them. I synced with Isa afterwards.
3) Nothing exploded in the first Tor Browser release based on Firefox 60
4) Final preparations for the first Tor Browser for Android release
started. We expect to get it our later this month

1) interviews for fundraising director
2) visiting with family this week, so lots of time away from computer
3) working on Sida report

1) working on sida phase2 plan
2) getting reports to sponsors out (13, 17 and 8)
3) we got nce for sponsor17 (new deadline oct 1st) and sponsor8 (new
deadline dec 31)
4) reviewing PM's applications
5) started a process to better organize how Tor will use github.com
6) officially passed the hat of UX team lead to Antonela !! \o/
7) finished updating and organizing a very long list of things that must
be done this month, including presenting a full proposal for onion
services work to otf and other grant proposals

1) lost most of tues to food poisoning. still not quite 100% yet
2) thanks to Tom, Arthur, Richard for helping with a Tor Browser post.
Need to get back into editing and sharing w a couple more folks
3) preparing for presentation on Tor to 50 high school girls as part of
Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS) Summer Program for High
School Women. Thanks to gman and Yin for getting this going, sysrqb
who’ll be joining, and alison for helping with an activity
4) helped with OONI launch
5) AMA with Roger was accepted in the crypto village at Def Con - we are
waiting to hear our time slot.
6) lots going on through mid august: cs4cs session, hope, lfi workshop,
def con, website copy writing, plus routine comms

1) Fully integrated Relay Search into Tor Metrics rather than including
it as Git submodule.
2) Developed two new graphs based on existing OnionPerf data that show
circuit build times and circuit latencies.

1) Mexico City meeting planning, especially open days scheduling
 - I want each team to give at least one talk on the open days. I will
be reaching out about this soon!
2) HOPE organizing
 - btw, HOPE speakers get comped tickets. A few of us HOPE speakers
bought tickets. Do we know anyone who might want to buy our tickets from us?
3) trying to see where I can help with Sponsor9 next steps
4) currently in LFI week 5, working on our in-person meetup next month
5) working on updating docs for Tor Browser 8

1) Nothing for the group

1) Still keepin' on with the Network Team; not much is happening
2) Going to PETS at end of month
3) Other teams, including OONI and Mobile and etc: we need info on how
the tor in-process integration support is working for you, so we can fix
any problems and annoyances while we still have time and funding.
[Arturo: Yes we have this on our todo list for this month (we were
hoping to do it last month, but it fell through the cracks). Are we
still in time if we give some feedback by then? It would also be useful
to get pointers to some unittests or similar things that check if the
expectations of the API are met (if such exist).][GeKo: The best is to
ping sysrqb and/or igt0 for that. They have spent the most time on
mobile stuff.]

1) Published research report on internet censorship in Egypt with AFTE:
https://ooni.torproject.org/post/egypt-internet-censorship/ (received a
fair amount of press coverage in Egypt and Maria spoke about it in a
talk show on the Al Araby TV channel!)
2) Published research report on Ethiopia with Access Now:
3) Coordination with locals in Uganda to test the blocking of social
media platforms following the social media tax rollout
4) Working towards a beta release for OONI Probe 3.x:

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