[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 3 July 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jul 5 16:24:00 UTC 2018

Hi all!

We had our weekly Tor Browser meeting on Tuesday, July 3. The IRC log
can be found on


and here come the meeting notes, as usual:

Tuesday July 3, 2018
    - What are people's plans for Mexico City? mcs is slightly concerned
that not many Tor Browser team members are listed on the wiki page (it
is optional to list your plans on that page though).
    - next meeting [GeKo: we'll meet on 7/16 again but feel free to
coordinate an ad hoc meeting if needed]
    - sandboxing update and meeting scheduling


    Will be working roughly half-time for the week of July 16th - 20th,
wife and I will be visiting Portland

    The week after, we're moving to a new apartment so who knows what my
schedule will be like then

    Last Week:

    - fixup patch for #26039 (extension-overrides.js)

    - posted patch for #26456 (HTTP onion sites inheriting previous
HTTPS page's cert)

    - posted patch for #26615 (backport patch #859782 to ESR60 TorBrowser)

    - investigated #26450 (first party isolation for ESR60 pdfjs)

    This Week:

     - more #26450 investigation

    - fingerprinting tickets

    - out Friday for awesome medical fun

    Last Week:
        - #26216 (MAR generation broken); under review
        - #12968 (Specify HEASLR in MinGW-w64); working
        - #26484 (remove windows workaround for #26476); working
        - #26319 (don't package in mach package step); quick rebase
    This Week:
        - Complete #12968, #26484
        - Partially online on Monday (national holiday)

    Last week:
        - Sent a patch to #26528 (App stores should not be allowed to
use UpdateService)
        - Sent a patch to #26574 ( Save TBA updates in the internal
android storage)
    This week:
        - Investigate (system) addons update process for mobile

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Helped with the Tor Browser 8.0a9 release (macOS code signing and
updater testing).
    - Filed #26514 (intermittent updater failures on Win64 (Error 19)).
    - Code reviews.
    - More work on #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start
in localized Windows bundle)
    - Started to make Mexico City travel plans.
  This week / soon:
    - We will be afk Wednesday and Thursday for an Independence Day break.
    - Assist with #26506 (NoScript not working on TBB/ESR60 on Windows)
    - Look at #26477 (Meek is broken in ESR60-based Tor Browser)
    - Continue on #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented
bugs since FF52esr)

    Last Week:
        - Helped with the 8.0a9 release and monitored potential fallout
        - Got back to look at where we are wrt mobile work
        - Prepared meeting with Cliqz folks and did a talk in Munich and
coordinated with them
        - worked on #26475 (ESR60-based .dmg images are not built
reproducibly with Stylo enabled using rustc > 1.25.0)
        - more network code audit
    This Week:
        - review catch-up
        - begin of the month admin stuff
        - more work on #26475
        - I'll be on vacation from July 8-July 16

tjr (most likely missing meeting)
 - Most likely outcome of Jacek's work is a mingw-clang build in the
esr60 tree with --disable-stylo
   - I should get the mingw jobs actually merged into the esr60 branch
this month
 - Unsure if he will be able to work on --enable-stylo [GeKo: If not,
ping me and I'll put it back on my plate]
    - Once --enable-stylo is working we can get mingw-clang into
-central again
 - the mingw-clang sandbox also crashes for an unknown reason :(

    Last week:
        - helped with publishing 8.0a9
        - started looking at #25485
(Browser/TorBrowser/Tor/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.11' not found)
        - made patches for:
            - #26410: Stop using old MAR format in the next esr60-based
            - #26515: Update Tor Browser blog post URLs
            - #26623: Make fpcentral recognize esr60 Tor Browser
    This week:
        - investigate testsuite and fpcentral test failures with version
        - fill upstream binutils ticket for #26148
        - continue work on some ansible roles for testsuite VMs setup
        - do #26569 (Redirect pre-8.0a9 alpha users to a separate update

    Last week:
        - Sandboxing stuff
        - TBA testing + proxy-bypass
        - Orfox release
    This week

        - Sandboxing -

        - Next batch of TBA tickets

    Does anyone have a Win10 machine with golang installed and can run
this test as an unprivileged user and tell me the result?:

    Last week:
        - Worked on #26237 patch  (Back and Forward button should be on
the left side of the toolbar)
        - Wrote patch for #26519 (Avoid Firefox icons in ESR60)
        - Investigated #25620 (NoScript is broken with TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1
in ESR 60-based Tor Br)
        - Opened #26579 (about:tor slow to low)
        - Worked on #25555 (optimistic socks)
        - Helped with Steph's blog post

    This week:

    - More 25555, 26237, 25620, HTTP2 stuff, blog post


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