[tor-project] June spreadsheet - Users queries, issues, demands and comments

cy63113 cy63113 at riseup.net
Thu Jul 5 16:18:37 UTC 2018

Hi everyone

I'm gathering issues, comments, demands, and suggestions from different
sources like IRC channels, blog comments, Stack Exchange, Tor and Tails
Reddit, RT, Facebook, and  Twitter. You can see here the June
spreadsheet link with issues, demands and comments of users:
And also a pad with only relay issues with regular updates:

As mentioned in Community Team meeting in July 2, people ask questions,
search for answer, and give answers, not necessarely right, spreading
loads of misinformation - deep web is the champion followed by the use o
VPNs,  in many differents channels. It is quite noticeable that people
prefer ask and get  answers from other users even if it takes long
rather than looking for in Tor's official channels. I guess or people
don't know exactly where to looking for or are lazy to search with so
many information and documentation.

In the last month, there were many complaints of the  TBB 7.5.4, 7.5.5
and 7.5.6. TBB 8.0a9  such as "TOR unexpectedly exited"  "It is not
working"  "Fail to connect" and so on.  Windows 10 shows most
installation and updating problems.  Also, loads of grievances of Orbot
crashing  and having hard time to update Tails (any version). A constant
query is "Can I run Tail on a VM?" and "Is safe/how to route
something/everything over/ through Tor.

Please feel free to reach me out if you have feedback, suggestions to
improve or something else.


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