[tor-project] OONI Monthly Report: June 2018

Maria Xynou maria at openobservatory.org
Thu Jul 5 10:57:52 UTC 2018

Hello Tor world,

In June 2018, the OONI team established a new partnership with the
Jordan Open Source Association and published two research reports. We
also made progress on the new OONI Probe desktop and mobile apps, made
improvements to the OONI API, and we came up with a new scheme for an
OONI measurement ID. Further information is available below.

# Established a new partnership

We are excited to have established a new partnership with the Jordan
Open Source Association!

As part of our partnership, we aim to collaborate on the study of
internet censorship in Jordan through the collection and analysis of
OONI Probe network measurements.

## Recap of partnerships

Overall, we have established new partnerships with the following 5
organizations over the last months:

1. Paradigm Initiative (Nigeria)

2. The Advocates for Human Rights and Democracy (South Sudan)

3. Karisma Foundation (Colombia)

4. Asociacion por los Derechos Civiles (Argentina)

5. Jordan Open Source Association (Jordan)

# Report on internet censorship in Nigeria

In collaboration with Paradigm Initiative, we published a research
report examining internet censorship in Nigeria.

The full report is available here:

The OONI network measurement findings are summarized here:

A summary of the report is also available:

# Report on the unblocking of websites in Ethiopia

In collaboration with Access Now, we published a research report
examining whether and to what extent websites have been unblocked in
Ethiopia, following the government's announcement on the unblocking of
264 websites.

Our research report is available here:

## Recap of reports

Over the last months, we have published reports covering censorship
events in the following 5 countries:
1. Pakistan:

2. Iran: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/2018-iran-protests/ (Part 1) &
https://ooni.torproject.org/post/2018-iran-protests-pt2/ (Part 2)

3. Sierra Leone:

4. Nigeria: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/nigeria-internet-censorship/

5. Ethiopia: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/ethiopia-unblocking/

# OONI Probe Desktop

We made a fair amount of progress on the OONI Probe desktop apps, mostly
on the command line interface (CLI) front.

See: https://github.com/ooni/probe-cli/pull/13

# OONI Measurement ID

We came up with a strategy for adding a unique ID to past OONI Probe
measurements and how to integrate this into our collector for future

Up until now OONI measurements were identified by a report_id (which can
be shared by a set of measurements in the same report file) and the
input. With the newly proposed scheme, it will be possible to share a
single identifier to identify a specific measurement.

You can read more about this here:


We made some bug fixes to the OONI API and made a new release for it.

See: https://github.com/ooni/api/pull/54 &

# Revamping the OONI Probe mobile apps

We internally released the revamped OONI Probe Android app with the
first three screens (Dashboard, Test Overview, Test running).


# Community use of OONI data

## Blocking of political party site in Pakistan

In the run up to Pakistan's elections, the site of the Awami Workers
Party got blocked on 3rd June 2018.

Through the use of OONI Probe and OONI data, Pakistan's Media Matters
for Democracy reported on the blocking (and unblocking) of the site:

## Blocking of media websites in Venezuela

Two media websites (lapatilla.com and el-nacional.com) were blocked in
Venezuela this month.

Our Venezuelan partner, IPYS Venezuela, reported on the blocking of
these media sites based on OONI data:

# Community activities

## ENOG 15 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting

OONI's Leonid attended the ENOG 15 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in
Moscow, Russia, between 4th-5th June 2018 (https://www.enog.org/enog-15/).

## Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) 2018

We attended the Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) in Toronto, Canada,
between 13th-15th June 2018

As part of our participation at the CLSI, we facilitated the following

1. Making OONI's censorship data more actionable

2. Measurements from embedded devices

We also interviewed five community members and plan to publish their
interviews within the next months (as part of the "OONI Community
Interviews" series).

## Community meeting

We held a community meeting on Slack
(https://slack.openobservatory.org/) on Monday, 25th June 2018.

As part of our June community meeting, we discussed the following:
1. Sub-categories and tags for test lists
2. OONI Probe Debian packaging

3. Challenges in sharing OONI Run links: Creating OONI-maintained URL

## Updated test lists

Based on URLs provided by community members, we updated the following
test lists:
1. Cuba: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/357

2. Global: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/353

3. US: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/352

4. Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia:

5. Azerbaijan: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/361

# Userbase

In June 2018, OONI Probe was run 240,541 times from 4,627 different
vantage points in 214 countries around the world.

This information can also be found through our stats:

~ The OONI team.

Maria Xynou
Research & Partnerships Director
Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)
PGP Key Fingerprint: 2DC8 AFB6 CA11 B552 1081 FBDE 2131 B3BE 70CA 417E

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