[tor-project] [Announcement] Antonela is our new UX team lead \o/

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Jul 4 19:14:10 UTC 2018

Hello Tor!

With me transitioning to ED some reorg will have to happen to
accommodate tasks I was leading into other hands  You might have already
seen the 2 PMs job posts we have online:

Besides PMing things at Tor I was also leading the UX team. Back in May
I asked Antonela if she would step up and take the leadership of the
team. Antonela is amazing as you all know already  she strongly shares
the vision for the UX team that I have and has demonstrated amazing
skills at actually executing it, not only on the design part of it
(which she has being great at facilitating the collaboration of all
stakeholders in the process) but at organizing projects related to the
UX team vision, like leading the selection of illustrators  and their
projects or putting together user testing processes.

I am very happy to say that Antonela said yes to my question and since
then has already taken the leadership hat but we haven't yet announced
it to the community so I am doing it now. If you wondering what are the
other people in the UX team she will be leading, they are Helen (our
User Research Coordinator), Emma (our Localization Project Coordinator),
Alon (our illustrator) and will also help organize projects that Hiro
(our Services Admin) is helping us with.

I asked Antonela if she would share some words on her new role:

--- start of Anto words ---

I'm grateful for this opportunity. Finally, I found IT people who have
the same concerns I have!

We want informed and educated users. We want users who have the power to
decide. We want to make technology that makes people free. The main UX
team aim is to collect all those voices around the world, understand and
empathize with them and make a technology that all can use. I hope we
can continue working as a bridge, with all the teams around The Project,
improving our technology for people without compromise their safety and

--- end of Anto words ---

So! Here is the official announcement \o/ join me on congratulating
Antonela on this new role and supporting her too!



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