[tor-project] Notes from June 28 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jul 2 06:54:41 UTC 2018

Notes for June 28 2018 meeting:

1) Should we collect and then maintain a list of who else in the world
has Tor related funding? That way we can coordinate better at helping
amplify their impact, and also remember to invite them to dev meetings,
etc. [Answer: yes good idea in theory, but we'd need a responsible
person to keep track of the list. We'll think on it.]

1) Our first Tor Browser alpha based on Firefox 60 ESR is out. The
process was painful but the result seems to stick. \o/
2) Got back to OTF regarding our bug bounty program

1) Made some progress on coming up with a scheme for OONI measurement
IDs. See:
2) Investigating blocking of Tor in venezuela

1) We've been doing screenings for fundraising director candidates.
2) Lots of travel approvals for the Mexico City meeting. We need to come
up with a more efficient way to do this! Contracts with the hotel have
(finally!) been signed.
3) Worked on, and working on, more job descriptions and reading resumes.
4) Lots of little stuff in preparation for transitioning Isa; also
getting caught up on a bunch of stuff.
5) FYI, I'll be doing this:
it wraps up in July

1) newsletter sending today or tomorrow  (thanks, hiro!)
2) spoke on a panel with Trevor Timm (FPF) and David Greene (EFF) last
week in Pittsburgh, people were very engaged
3) helped with 8.0a9 post and sharing
4) getting help from Tom and Arthur and others on a !(Tor + $Browser) post
5) connected with a comms person at mozilla who will check in with me
about collaboration opportunities this fall
6) meeting today with gman999 and folks at NYU tandon about doing a talk
7) connected with access now and have been trying to get info about
bridges out to folks in venezuela. thanks to antonela for helping with
8) responded to inquiry about tor tab in brave

1) Nothing for the group, though curious how the patch count trend is
going with Tor Browser, and other aspects of the Mozilla relationship.
[GeKo: I could look the patch trend up. I think I posted metrics on a
trac ticket for previous years, let me find it]

1) still playing catch up after lots of travel
2) LFI is in week 4 and things are humming along.
3) HOPE talk organizing (we just got our timeslot confirmed this week)
4) finished community team roadmap
5) reading through support.torproject.org for soft launch
6) went to the ALA annual conference earlier in the week
7) Tor meetup in India was a success, trying to coordinate with those
folks for what they need going forward
8) beginning planning for Kenya trip
9) Gus finished the week in Colombia (six trainings!)
10) Colin worked on the fallback directory mirror list
11) Tommy/Jaruga/Colin worked on user manual updates
12) Make sure to look at Cy's user issues report from May and let us
know what you find useful: https://ethercalc.org/may_2018

1) Busy with coding
2) All seems well.

1) back from Colombia where we (me, gus and antonela) did 6 trainings in
3 cities with over a dozen organizations (human rights defenders, social
movements, women's groups, students etc).
2) working on sponsor9 phase 2 plan
3) dealing with many small things such as: expenses reports; catching up
with emails; organizing sponsors reports and other stuff

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