[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 29 Jan 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
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We had another Tor Browser meeting yesterday in #tor-meeting. Here is
the meeting transcript:


And the notes from the pad are:

Monday, January 29, 2018

   - Tor patch uplift plan
   - Sessions we want to have for the team meeting day

   Last week:
       1) Finished design doc update (#21256)
       2) Finally finished debugging (#22256) and posted a backported
patch for review
       3) Dealt with release and post-release work (going over blog
comments/new tickets etc.)
       4) Continued writing the "Redesign of Tor Browser's security
       5) Some reviews
       6) tjr: do you have
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1392604 on your radar too?
Or should we try to deal with it for ESR 60? (GeKo: We poke ourselves I
   This week:
      1) More reviews
      2) Finish the proposal and post it to tbb-dev for further discussion
      3) Get back to work on #21777 (new clang-based toolchain for
Windows cross-builds)
      4) Get back to get the sandbox running on Windows 64bit (#24197)
      5) Work on exempting .onions from mixed content warnings (#23439)
      6) Look at tor launcher proposal
      7) Monthly team admin stuff


    mcs/brade: Can you explain
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/19121 /
https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser.git/patch/?id=a4341a6 to me?

    from mcs: We reinstated a check that Mozilla removed. With the hash
check in place, all MAR files that are applied must be "advertised" in
the update.xml metadata. Mozilla views this check as unnecessary because
all MAR files are signed. We were more comfortable keeping the check in
case there is some kind of update attack that we did not think of that
removing the check makes possible. gk and mikeperry might have something
specific in mind (gk agreed that we should reinstate the check). GeKo:
nothing specific, but with that check an attacker has to break more than
the signing in at least a bunch of scenarios and given that automatic
updates are pretty important to safeguard we felt having two independent
systems in place makes more sense.

    tjr: So we're protecting against an attacker than can a) send the
wrong update files b) forge or bypass the mar signatures but can't c)
send their own update.xml file (which isn't cryptographicly verified and
only contains a list of hashes?)  Why could they do (a) but not (c)?

    Spectre Stuff

    More timer stuff

    Lots of JIT stuff landed


    Sandbox almost uplifted! (GeKo:  I wonder whether we don't need to
take care about the SANDBOX_EXPORTS or whether we want to have this
uplifted as well)

    Fixed several mingw build breaks that popped up

    Wrote a (rudimentary) Binary Transparency auditor for Moz's
in-progress BT stuff

    Arthur, Richard and I quick-triaged ~200 tor bugs

    Have some followup from this we will talk about in our
Tuesday-same-time-as-this meeting

    All P1 bugs we are trying to get into 60: https://mzl.la/2DyHp6B

    All P2 bugs we are going to try and get into 61-62:

    (GeKo: I think I want to work on the remaining .onion mixed content
bug and get both pieces upstreamed into ESR 60)

    tjr: Is that https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1382359 ?
I'll P1 it and assign them to you if so (GeKo: yes, that's the bug)

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Did some testing of Tor Browser 7.5-build3 and 8.0a1-build3 on
OSX (focused on the updater).
        - Looked at icons and branding some more:
                #10888 (Mozilla trademarks still remain in some about: urls)
                #24578 (about:tbupdate popup notification formatting error)
        - Posted a patch for #24159 (Torbutton version check does not
deal properly with platform specific checks).
        - After Isis fixed a server-side problem, we were able to resume
work on #23136 (Moat integration).
                We found a meek client/Tor Browser issue that dcf is
helping us solve.
                We found a problem where BridgeDB is not returning any
bridges which Isis will need to help us solve.
    Planned for this week:
        - More work on #23136 (Moat integration).
                - Work with dcf to solve the meek client/Tor Browser
SOCKS optimistic data bug.
                - Assist Isis as needed with the "no bridges returned" bug.
        - Review and comment on some of "our" bugs that are listed in
Arthur's Uplift Tracker.
        - Triage the Tor Launcher bug list (set priorities, close
outdated tickets).

    Last Week:
        - Sent patch moving Tor Button to Tor Browser repository (#25013)
        - Removed Tor Button from the Tor Browser build (#25013)
        - Continued work on Integrating Tor Button in the Tor Browser
mobile version (#24855)
    This week:
        - Work in the (#24855)
        - I still need to investigate

            from tjr: While this would be nice, I think the protections
provided by fortify source are small enough that it isn't a huge
priority. Just my opinion.

    Last Week:
        - continued work on #22794 (Don't open AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets
when AF_LOCAL is configured.)
        - Jury Duty
        - met with tjr and arthur re tor uplift
    This Week:
        - finish #22794
        - begin work on tor uplift patches

    Last week:
        Continued working on Orfox patches.
          - Running mochi, junit, etc tests take a painfully long time
          - Mochitests fail when the Android App is not the focused UI
            - After running the mochitests on a headless server, I
finally found why all the UI tests were failing:
          - Debugged and patched some failing tests
        Worked a little on TorLauncher on Mobile (thinking about how we
should integrate it)
        Read about HTTP/2 (over the weekend) and started thinking about
how we can evaluate it and enable pieces of it
        Also read about QUIC and started thinking about how Tor can
prepare for that
    This week:
        Finally finish the Orfox patches and request review
        Work on a branch tor-browser-build for TBA (Tor Browser for Android)
        Review Tor Browser uplift patch list

    tjr: Do you have mozilla try access? Might be useful/faster for unit
tests, especially if you have n changes you want to test independently.

    sysrqb: Nope, but that sounds extremely useful. GeKo mentioned that
last week, too, but I don't know how I should go about requesting access
(igt0 will probably appreciate having access too)

    arthur: I got access following these instructions:

     Also I use https://github.com/mozilla/moz-git-tools which allows
you to use git to push to the try servers.
     tjr: Yea, do that and send me the bug you file and I'll nominate you.
     sysrqb: sweet! thanks! I didn't actually think about looking for a
doc about how to do it...will do!

    Last week:
        - published the new releases
        - finished #6119 (FPCentral) and all sub-tickets
        - started fixing some testsuite issues
    This week:
        - Fix upload of nightly builds to
https://nightlies.tbb.torproject.org/ and enable testsuite on nightly builds
        - Fix testsuite issues to have all tests passing
        - Start working on #18867 (Ship auto-updates for Tor Browser
nightly channel)
        - Will be afk next monday (but should be there for the meeting)

    Last week:

        Opened lots of bugzilla tickets

        Updated torpat.ch

        Created uplift patches for 1433357, 1433507, 1433509. Working on

        Continued to rebase patches for mozilla-central

    This week:
        Uplift, uplift, and away!
        More rebasing
        Also want to look at HTTP/2 -- sysrqb: would be useful to chat
about this

            - from sysrqb: ack yes

    - working with sponsor4 on extension - we got it, just need new
contract to sign etc. also working with network team / isis on
organizing their work for finishing this deliverable
    - sponsor8 report due wed
    - meeting with arthur and geko on wed 1900utc (confirmed? antonela
said that works for her) on circuit display work (GeKo: works for me)
(arthur: wfm too)


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