[tor-project] Notes from January 25 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jan 26 08:23:51 UTC 2018

Notes for January 25 2018 meeting:

1) Code of conduct discussion is progressing well! I hope we can begin
voting sometime next week.
2) Coordinating guest lecturers for LFI.
3) Giving a talk at Georgetown this Friday.
4) Tor Meeting stuff. Will send out an email about the open days to the
meeting list soon.
5) Who is submitting talks for the HOPE CFP? We should have a
coordinating meeting.

1) Tor Browser 7.5 is out! I am happy with it so far and have been
especially happy about the good work we did with the UX-team.

1) We'd like to get support with proofreading and editing documentation
for Sponsor 13. Very rough estimate is 50,000 words for 30
specifications for reproducing Tor Metrics graphs or tables with 1,000
words each on average and 1 technical report of 20,000 words. Should we
contract this out to somebody, ask a friendly Tor person whose first
language is English to do this for us, or just do our best at writing?
[Answer: Start by asking Tommy, and consider contracting this to
somebody else later in the process.]
2) Made a very first step forward towards writing documentation for
Sponsor 13.
3) CollecTor module to sanitize Tor web server logs almost complete.
Last tests are running, might get this done by end of this month.
4) Can I create EC2 accounts for iwakeh and irl to do resource-intensive
metrics tasks? We once had a that Tor employees/contractors could have
such accounts as long as they keep their usage below 30$/month. But that
policy is 2.5 years old and predates Shari's time at Tor. Is it still a
good policy? [Answer: yes, do it if it's appropriate and really that cheap.]

1) Putting out an alpha today; another alpha to follow in 5-14 days.
2) Deferring more stable releases until we can get dgoulet's #24902
anti-dos code tested in an alpha.
3) Meeting with Mozilla folks on Monday/Tuesday to brain-dump about Tor
internals. Probably will have limited net presence.
4) Scrambling to get 0.3.3.x freeze period to go well.

1) Continuing work on guard discovery defenses.

1) We are releasing a new version of the OONI Probe app, that
definitively changes the name from ooniprobe to OONI Probe
2) Made a lot of progress in terms of implementing the revamped OONI
3) We have established a new partnership with Tuwindi Foundation (Mali),
see: https://twitter.com/OpenObservatory/status/956167750874992645
4) Migrating our database and improving the latency of OONI Explorer and
API is moving forward well
5) Thanks to the localisation lab and many community members some new
strings for OONI Probe have been translated to 10 languages.
6) We will be hosting a OONI workshop in Kampala (Uganda), we have been
preparing the training material and correcting assignments for the course
7) Several test lists (NG, UG, SS) have been updated thanks to URLs
provided by community members

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