[tor-project] Notes from January 18 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jan 19 10:53:23 UTC 2018

Notes for January 18 2018 meeting:

1) I spoke to librarians at the University of Washington this week. It
was great!
2) Sukhbir will give two Tor talks in India over the weekend.
3) Work continues on the relay operator wiki.
4) Working on some ideas for how the open hack days at the meeting could
go. Will share soon.
5) Also incorporating other feedback from the Montreal survey into Rome
meeting planning.
6) Fielding lots of questions about LFI.
7) CoC proposal is out! I am going to work on incorporating some of the
latest feedback today.
8) Preparing to speak at Georgetown next week.

0) Arturo, can I ask you to call the (three) Rome hotels and tell them
you have a strange American friend who wants a 19 degree room and tell
me which one laughs the least?
1) I'm revising the penn-sow.pdf after initial feedback from the funder
("make it more researchy").
2) Follow-up from last week about relay operator meetup planning

1) Preparing Tor Browser 7.5 and 8.0a1 releases

1) Mostly working on software.
2) Stress as usual with upcoming feature freeze for 033.  But with luck
we'll get a guard-discovery mitigation (vanguards) and a DoS mitigation
soon?  DoS mitigation may be allowed postfreeze.

1) Yay software. No distractions :).

1) Spent a few days refactoring the graph history code in Onionoo, which
will help fix a recent bug and also make this code more maintainable in
the future.
2) Continued implementing the web log sanitizer for CollecTor.
3) Realized that we cannot keep implementing new features and that we
instead need to focus more on our paid deliverables. Brainstormed some
good ideas together with Isabela today to fulfill our commitments
without disappointing other folks too much.

1) Released a new version of OONI Probe mobile with support for testing
IM apps: https://twitter.com/OpenObservatory/status/953316589494968320
2) OONI Probe CLI now speaks to the OONI Probe desktop and it's possible
to start tests from the desktop app
3) Had various incidents in our infrastructure related to the rollout of
the Spectre and Meltdown patches:
4) Progress on implementing revamped OONI Explorer
5) Preparing OONI reading materials and assignments for the participants
of an upcoming research workshop in Uganda
6) Heads up, if you need me to do things related to the Rome dev
meeting, let me know soon, as this Saturday I am leaving for Africa and
will not be in Rome until March

1) sponsor9 plans are out o/
2) sponsor4 - preparing to ask for extension and finished work
completion reports
3) User Testing in India this Saturday! RSVP sold out in 1 day (total
25ppl) - more information here:
4) Support site tasks are moving on, soon something should be up for
people to look at. todo list we are using is here:
5) Picking up on sponsor8 Q4 report.
6) Next week I am in Seattle for grant/funding meeting
7) Next week - work on Tor Launcher new ui release

1) personnel stuff
2) hiring new CG&FO
3) pulling together some stuff for board (Anyone have ideas for a good
video meeting platform that is secure and stable? [What are the
requirements? How many people need to be doing video, is it only voice
and video or also screen sharing? Is installing extra software OK? ~
Arturo] installing extra software is okay. we're talking about 10
people. we don't need screen-sharing, although that's a nice feature. it
doesn't have to be free)
4) following up with Pineapple guy
5) pulling some materials for Tommy for grant report he's working on

1) Working through backlog from holiday
2) Published / sharing volunteer spotlight on Alec that Tommy wrote
3) Editing copy on style guide website - looks cool!
4) Publishing post on onion services to encourage sites to use EOTK next
week. Will personally reach out to some sites. Antonela made an awesome
graphic for it and the guide to running a relay!
5) Talking to Rob about the paper on onion service popularity measurement
6) Preparing for upcoming NYC meetup, meeting tomorrow

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