[tor-project] Notes from January 11 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jan 12 15:07:12 UTC 2018

Notes for January 11 2018 meeting:

1) I'm excited to be serving on the FSF Award Committee again!
2) Amogh is going to give a Tor talk at nullcon in Goa, India next
month. Helping him prepare.
3) Connected with the people in India who run Privacy Month
4) Connected to some privacy activists in Uganda
5) Preparing for a talk at the University of Washington next week.
6) LFI applications are starting to trickle in! Deadline is February 1.
I continue building the curriculum and schedule.
7) Work continues on the relay ops wiki/#24497.
8) Added more content to the support portal articles. Phoul is working
on the translation plan. The UX team will then get them added to the
portal, which is now being built.
9) Pari sent out her user issues/bugs spreadsheet, and it's already
getting a lot of use!
10) Phoul isn't making any progress with Transifex about the webml
issues. He's going to follow up with me and the UX team about next steps.
11) Phoul is submitting our GSoC org application!
12) on Friday I'll go on Deutschlandradio to talk about LFP
13) Shari, gunner, Jon and I started planning the Rome meeting. Can we
talk about having an "Around the Tor World" plenary?
14) Our Tor talk was accepted to LibrePlanet! I followed up with the
people who agreed to present.
15) Connected with Kevin Gallagher who worked on this paper:
He's working on a CS PhD at NYU and his thesis is about Tor.

1) Finished PETS reviews.
2) teor and I have been talking to the OVH abuse people about the
current network overload, and at their suggestion I filed an official
abuse ticket on Monday morning. On Tuesday they passed my "please
contact us" request on to the overloaders. Here's hoping.
3) Been helping dgoulet with a technical mitigation for the overload.
4) Wrote up draft statement-of-work and budget for upcoming censorship
circumvention project. Isa/Georg/Nick/Shari, hoping for feedback.
4a) We're going to want to hire one or more Snowflake devs soon.
4b) Accounting-wise, this one is cost-reimbursement, and so are SIDA and
DRL and NSF, so we're going to need to get more serious about efficient
time allocations.
5) I'm going to Seattle in late January for an internal-Tor coordination
meeting, and to NYC in mid Feb for a conference talk and for an NYU Tor
pep rally.
6) At the 34c3 relay operator meetup, we talked a lot about scheduling
more in-person relay operator meetups in 2018 so we don't feel forced
into going to 35c3 just for that. Alison, can you send me your notes
from our Montreal conversation about the _relay coordinator_ job
description? A funding proposal seems wise too. [Alison: yes, I will
send you this.]

1) Fought my backlog
2) Preparations for Tor Browser 7.5 (due on January 23)
3) Coordination with the UX team about all the projects we plan to work
on in Q1/Q2 2018
4) Alison:  are we good with Tor folks being at Rightscon? Do we have
the right people planning to come? [Alison: the proposal we ended up
submitting is a panel on ethical user testing/design with Simply Secure
and a few other orgs. The Tor person who is going to be on the panel is
Sukhbir, who is working on the Sponsor 9 user testing. I don't know
which other Tor people are planning to go.][Georg: okay, sounds good]

1) Mostly heads down working on guard stuff for 0.3.3

1) 0.3.2 is stable; 0.3.3 alpha should be out later this month; new
stable releases for other series soon.
2) Still somewhat in disarray from the winter break.

1) Published a blog post on the situation in Iran:
2) Established partnership with the Digital Society of Zimbabwe
3) Started implementing the revamped OONI Explorer
4) Dealt with various infrastructure hurdles that are now, mostly,
resolved or going to be resolved
5) Measurement Kit windows support is moving forward pretty well
6) Releasing today/tomorrow a new version of OONI Probe mobile with
support for the Instant Messaging tests
7) Added some stuff to the Tor trac page for the Rome meeting:
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018Rome. Let
me know if you would like to know anything in particular about Rome :)

1) Playing Whac-A-Mole with Onionoo tickets on Trac.
2) Reviewing/revising patches to sanitize and parse torproject.org web logs.
3) Updated format of the News page on Tor Metrics, and added support for
displaying ongoing events. https://metrics.torproject.org/news.html

1) closing sponsor4 work (january is the last month)
2) working on sponsor9 work plan
3) trying to keep everything else moving while i am doing the above ^^ -
organized meetings this week for:
3.1) user testing in India - Antonela and Sukhbir are organizing an
event in Mumbai, where they will give talks about tor and do user
testing with the audience
3.2) sync with Tor Browser and UX team - 2018 will be the year of user
experience revolution at Tor Browser! :) lots going on here, so we did a
sync to get everyone in the same page, more here:
3.3) sync with comms and community on support.torprpoject - we will
probably launch this in early Feb! tasks lists and updates can be found
here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
4) reviewing roadmaps for ux, services and network team - I also plan on
organizing another big sync with all teams on roadmaps/dependencies in
February as a kickoff for preparing to do new roadmaps in Rome (March).

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