[tor-project] User queries and issues for Nov-Dec'17

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Jan 8 12:02:00 UTC 2018

Parinishtha Yadav:
> Hello people of Tor
> Wish you all a very happy new year! As an Outreachy intern with Tor, I
> spent the last month gathering data and user queries from different
> platforms on the internet (IRC, mail handles, Tor blog comments,
> stackexchange, tor subreddit, RT, etc.). The aim was to have all these
> queries in one place, in a sorted and organised manner. Some of the
> queries identified will be added to the support portal by the community
> team.
> I have created a spreadsheet on storm, with the following read only link
> <https://storm.torproject.org/shared/RV8v026JvwzZ_82ZMRO_4GHAxUtqUhW8Abu6xaQpONd> (the
> first sheet has bugs/errors and the second one contains doubts/queries).
> You can find the legend for colors used on the top right of the sheet.
> In case anyone feels this will be relevant to their work in any way, or
> is looking to pick some bugs to fix or areas to work on, you are welcome
> to refer to this spreadsheet.
> This is my first time sending this spreadsheet out, and I plan to keep
> doing so around the same date every month. So in case there are any
> suggestions that come to mind, don't hesitate to shoot me a mail and I
> will do my best to take them into account and make this as helpful as
> possible.

Thanks for collecting the information and putting it into that
spreadsheet. Really appreciated. I wonder about the workflow in case
changes to the spreadsheet are necessary. E.g. if one opens a bug on
Trac after reading a report and now wants to update the spreadsheet with
the bug number. Or if one wants to add already existing bug numbers.

Sending a mail to the tor-project list for those small changes seems too
noisy to me. Should we just send an email to you and you'll update the
spreadsheet accordingly? Or could we just make it editable (if we are
worried about that in general then only for a bunch of folks) to make
that process more efficient?

And how do we developer interact with you ideally in case we have
follow-up questions about some of the spreadsheet items? Are you on IRC
in one of the tor channels? Or should we write you an email? Or...


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