[tor-project] Notes from January 4 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jan 8 08:23:29 UTC 2018

Notes for January 4 2018 meeting:

1) Added three new graphs on IPv6 servers statistics to Tor Metrics:

0) Trying to get back in the swing of things after break. Pretty busy:
PETS reviews due tomorrow, and I am behind.
1) Trying to make sure we're ready for an 032 release or release
candidate on Monday.
2) Doing a code walkthrough for ekr and Patrick from mozilla on
1/29-1/30 somewhere around Boston.

1) wow, people sure do love to email me over the holiday break!
2) Library Freedom Institute curriculum planning
3) beginning planning for Tor Meeting in Rome
4) collecting anecdata on Wikipedia blocking non-exit relay addresses
(so far it looks like a lot)
5) CoC proposal will go out for discussion on Monday
6) finishing relay operators' wiki (#24497)
7) Pari sent her first email about user issues. Please take a look and
give her feedback. She has worked hard on this and we want to make sure
it's a very useful document!

1) during holidays I helped with the OTF email project submission
2) working on tons of reports for sponsor4 (past-due!!! so i must get
this done this week)
3) working on a 'work plan' for phase1 of sponsor9 (due next week)
4) working with Antonela on getting stuff prepared for user testing in India
5) UX team should be back in business with normal meetings etc next week
:) email sent with '2018 preview' to the list ->

1) Kept our online presence going over the break.
2) Published two blogs working with Tommy
3) Working on onion services campaign. First piece will encourage more
news orgs to create onion sites using EOTK
4) Preparing social media posts while I’m out Jan 8-16
5) Cleaning up after EOY fundraising campaign, made new cover graphics
for social media, will keep them fresh over time
6) Edited copy for the support portal

1) Published a year in review blog post from OONI:
2) Presented OONI at 34C3:
3) Had a OONI stall at CCC and it went pretty well

1) reviewing 2016 audit and recommendations
2) starting search for new CF&GO
3) helping Tommy get started with organizing grant information in
GrantHub software
4) end-of-year fundraising campaign wrap up; sending letter to Mozilla
to receive match
5) me out next week
6) starting meetings with Gunner & Alison & Jon to plan Rome 2018

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