[tor-project] Crowdsourcing some guidelines for what it means to make a web site "Tor-friendly"

Allen Gunn gunner at aspirationtech.org
Tue Jan 2 22:07:03 UTC 2018

Hello again,

On 01/02/2018 07:12 AM, isabela wrote:
> Hi Gunner!
> Happy 20018!

Same to you!
> On 1/1/18 7:11 PM, Allen Gunn wrote:
>> Big thanks to GeKo, who first confirmed for me that no such
>> documentation seems to exist. And then for helping me to bootstrap this
>> page:
>> https://pad.riseup.net/p/torfriendlysite
>> I'm writing to ask folks on this list to both add any thoughts you have
>> on the matter, and to correct or comment on anything that's already
>> there and doesn't seem quite right.
>> Any contributions, both to the pad or emailed to me directly, are most
>> appreciated.
> This is great stuff, I added a small comment there too.


> As we are redesigning the website and creating new portals the UX team
> is following this philosophy as well, it must work on TB high level
> security level first, that is our focus. But we haven't put anything on
> paper like you did and that is great.

Glad to know we are working on parallel paths.

> This is not necessary related to building a site that works on Tor, but
> more related to building a site related to the Tor Project somehow and
> that you would like to follow our guidelines, that Antonela and Hiro has
> been working on:
> https://styleguide.torproject.org/

Thanks. Did you make any design decisions on putting up that site that
are relevant for the guidelines?

> Which is a fork of some of bootstrap components with the CSS changed to
> follow our guidelines (colors and fonts for instance).>
> Looking at your pad makes me think that we should add some stuff related
> to not only make it looks like is part of the Tor 'brand' but also make
> it work at Tor Browser high security level.

That makes sense. To build on George's earlier point, I wonder if there
is benefit in an actual set of testing steps to be articulated for a
site to confirm tor-friendly status...would be harder to test any
server-side aspects.


> thans for sharing,
> isabela
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