[tor-project] Notes from February 22 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 23 20:12:48 UTC 2018

Notes for February 22 2018 meeting:

1) super busy
2) Rome meeting: soliciting agenda ideas now. Please ask your teams to
add their agenda ideas to the wiki:
I will share out the agenda during the week before the Rome meeting begins.
3) Rome State of the Onion/Tor Report plenary: we need to narrow the
topics into categories (if we're leaving narrow topics, they just have
to be important enough to stand on their own. Once we have categories I
can work on getting people to present on them. Maybe we could have 30
minutes of speaking and 30 minutes of an AMA style Q&A.
4) HOPE: no response from HOPE organizers to my questions about when the
CFP closes and how to get workshop space, etc. So those of us who are
thinking about presenting at HOPE are just continuing to work on our
proposals over email.
5) LibrePlanet: We are on the schedule to give a panel talk, and we will
also have an exhibit booth. Now I just need to make some slides for the
6) NYC Tor Meetup was great!
7) My Tor talk at Barnard College was also great.
8) We will continue the statement of values convo in Rome to help
resolve some of the outstanding issues. We will vote on the code of
conduct when we return so that people don't have to vote while traveling.
9) Isa let's find some time soon to talk about Sponsor 9 next steps
[vixemaria yes! can we have a work meeting tomorrow on this?] [Alison:
yes, morning is good for me, maybe 10 CT/11 ET or so? yes!]]
10) I'm almost ready to announce the participants in LFI, and I'm still
very busy building the curriculum
11) Phoul is organizing another Tor Summer of Privacy since we didn't
get picked for GSoC. He's also gonna be our Outreachy mentor this round.
12) He is also working on support portal translations and making edits
to the Tor Browser manual to be in sync with TB 7.5

1) Jury duty on Tuesday, possibly out that day unless it's canceled.
2) Team working on 0.3.3 completion stuff, roadmapping work for the
future (Thanks, Isa!)

1) Vanguards dev stuff

1) We tried to use DDG as our search for support but the UX is not good
at all :( - this is mega important, specially for a site that is suppose
to help people. So we are going with our old plan to use solr (apache
search eng). Support.tpo is very very close from launch \o/
2) Working with network team, doing some team exercises so we are in a
good shape for our plannings - we will do 2 roadmaps (1 from march-nov
2018) and another one that is a bit more related to the vision for the team
3) UX team has a lot going on for Valencia and Rome - more here ->
  I will be on a call with south asia trainers talking about ux and
hearing their feedback on tor browser (this is next week, it was an
invite from Internews)
4) sponsor4 - looks like we will indeed finish all deliverables this time :)
5) Working on prep stuff for TB team for Rome (sponsor8 roadmap
preparation and a bit of TB desktop roadmap preparation based on our SOI
to DRL) - plus meeting agendas for other meetings we have scheduled for
teams meeting day
6) had a few calls: OTF, EFF (getting the right license for our
styleguide), sync on SIDA meetings

1) Created new mailing list metrics-alerts@ to make monitoring of
metrics-related services more transparent.
2) Asked the Tor Research Safety Board to comment on our plan to publish
bridge contact information as part of sanitized bridge descriptors.
3) Set up a new host with 64G RAM for bulk data processing. Tested it
for re-sanitizing web server logs with CollecTor's new webstats module.
4) Planning new releases next week.

1) lots of meeting planning
2) executive director search.
3) finishing up Sida budget
4) I'll be offline on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

1) preparing an alpha Tor Browser release (8.0a2) with the latest tor
alpha to give it wider testing
2) Arturo: If we have bad luck we need to make two releases during Rome.
Do you know a place with fast upload/download for syncing the bundles?
(My house? :-) ~A.) [Heh. I get back to you in case we need it, thanks.
Georg] (I can also try to think of some place closer to the venue, but
in any case I live about 20mins by metro/bus away ~ A.) [Luis enlabs,
close to Termini station may also have fast uplink: http://luissenlabs.com/]

1) Had a meeting with the UX team to sync up on the revamping of the
OONI Probe Mobile app.
2) Made some significant improvements to the performance of OONI API and
OONI Explorer that are now deployed.
3) Arturo & Maria did a presentation at Cape Town University, the slides
are here: https://slides.ooni.io/2018/uct-internet-censorship-measurements/

1) Outreachy internship application period is open
2) Edited/published volunteer spotlight on meejah that Tommy wrote.
Antonela made an awesome graphic to accompany it
3) Put together first draft of one pager for funders on onion services
4) ED search press release and post
5) NYC meetup was a success

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