[tor-project] Notes from February 15 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 16 07:49:28 UTC 2018

Notes for February 15 2018 meeting:

1) Busy; loads of meetings.
2) Trying to prep for upcoming releases, get 0.3.3 out.
3) 0.3.4 merge window is open today, in theory.
4) Team is trying to share load of finishing up 033 better.  Make sure
that must-fix 033 issues in tor are tagged with "033-must".  Please use
this label sparingly!
5) Please make sure you test the parts of 033 that you want to work.

1) some DRL status update
 - modularization proposal is under evaluation still
 - sponsor8 Q4 2017 report submitted
 - submitted SOI for TB desktop (short term 8months)
2) some OTF status update
 - working on jan monthly reports for them (sponsor4, 17 and 13)
 - meeting Adam this week to talk about Tor overall 2018 plans & a
proposal we submitted on Jan1st 2018
 - next week should start writing work completion reports for sponsor4
3) ^^ getting granthub updated with all of the above
4) prep work with Network team to for Rome roadmap/planning ahead sessions
5) prep work with UX team for Rome&Valencia
6) NYC meetup \o/
7) meeting Roger & Nick f2f :)
8) websites do or die mission - launch support site before Rome and get
all design done to present in Rome
9) question - are we having a spreadsheet for organizing sessions in
Rome before hand like it was done for Montreal?

1) Made a considerable amount of progress on golang OONI
2) Will hold tomorrow a seminar at University of Cape Town on Internet
Censorship Measurement:
3) Preparing the course for the OONI workshop in Kampala, Uganda
4) Published part 2 blog post on the blocking of instagram in Iran:
5) Released OONI Probe 2.3.0. See:
https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-probe/releases/tag/v2.3.0. Debian
packages still need some <3
6) Updated test lists for Mali
(https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/304) & Egypt
7) Lot's of progress on mobile app revamping. Should we be looping in
the Tor UX team into this process?

1) Deployed new metrics-bot badges that have been redesigned by
antonela: https://twitter.com/TorAtlas/status/963688006841454593
(country example),
https://twitter.com/TorAtlas/status/964104753390252032 (relay example)
2) Refactored our R code for plotting pretty graphs towards using more
modern R packages.
3) Held a discussion on tor-relays@ whether to publish bridge contact
information or not. The result is that we don't want to make this
decision on our own. As the next step we're going to ask the research
safety board for advice.

1) Helping with dev stuff for 0.3.3
2) Booked travel to rome
3) On standby emergency release duty for Tor Browser; so far the coast
is clear
4) Checked in with Sukhbir, Isa, and Tommy about thunderbird and OTF.
Thunderbird's FOSDEM update is interesting.
-- they have GPG and Mobile clients listed as things people kept asking

1) Worked with Tommy and Fabio at Hermes to write a post on the Italian
Anti-Corruption Authority adopting onion services, sent out press releases
2) Created a postcard/flyer to encourage people to run relays. Will be
handing out at the NYC meetup tonight
3) Working on an accessible one pager for funders to garner support
around onion services
4) Working with Giant Rabbit to clean up our press list and prepare for
Civi import
5) Giving feedback on the support portal
6) Social media
7) Beginning plans to announce the new style guide

1) Lots of grant proposals this week and last week.
2) Board meeting yesterday.
3) Finishing up audit.
4) Dealing with various personnel issues.
5) Rome meeting planning.
6) Trying to take vacation around everything else. Back in the office on
Friday for a week before heading out again.

1) On the tail end of three days of meetings in NYC. Meeting with Isa
this afternoon. Doing the NYU outreach thing tonight.
2) I am mostly afk next week.
3) Are we doing follow-up on previous items from vegas meetings? Like,
Rightscon tickets, or Fastly, or... I don't remember most of them and it
makes me nervous. :)

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