[tor-project] Notes from February 8 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 9 08:11:32 UTC 2018

Notes for February 8 2018 meeting:

1) Published a blog post on mining OONI data:
2) Correcting more assignments submitted from the participants of the
upcoming OONI workshop we'll be doing in Uganda
3) Started trying out, as an alternative path for the upcoming OONI
Probe desktop apps, using golang. See:
4) Established new partnerships with IPYS Venezuela and with ADC Argentina

1) The relay guide is up on the blog and it looks amazing!
https://blog.torproject.org/new-guide-running-tor-relay Tons of people
worked on this, but nusenu in particular brought it over the finish line.
2) Library Freedom Institute applications are in for the first round. We
got 70 applicants for 10 spots! We will announce our first cohort in March.
3) Recruiting many rad guest lecturers for LFI :D
4) It looks like the team meeting day schedule is complete?
5) Sponsor9 job descriptions and workplan -- Isa, do you want to
schedule some time to do this/talk about this?
6) Code of Conduct and Statement of Values discussions are still
ongoing, so I'm going to keep them open as long as they need to be.
7) a bunch of us met yesterday to plan for HOPE. I'm waiting to hear
back from the conference organizers about getting some space for us to
do workshops and hang out.
8) Do or Die time for the support portal :) ....double checking the
content and testing the heck out of the site
9) preparing to speak at Barnard and at the NYU Tor meetup this coming week
10) Rome Meeting Onion Report/State of the Onion plenary. Do we want to
have stations for each team/project, or one big introductory talk where
someone from each team talks about the work? Some ideas are in this pad:

1) I have an updated plan for my eye that I'm trying out in Feb, in
hopes of trying it out in March too.
2) I've been continuing to help with the network overload issues, and
dabbling in some Tor tickets. We have some more fixes to do before an can come out, with the ddos defenses in it.
3) On my mind still: job descriptions for relay coordinator, and for
Snowflake developer, and for circumvention team lead
4) The Penn circumvention project thing is still on track to happen "soon".
5) I'm off to NYC on Sunday for various Tor speaking things.
6) I'm working to find a way to get to Rome a few days early, to help
Isa et al with pre-roadmapping.

1) Miscellaneous.

1) Put out Onionoo 5.0-1.10.0 and .1 with long-expected graph fixes for
Relay Search.
2) Started a discussion about publishing bridge contact information on
tor-relays at .
3) Merged the CollecTor webstats module, but did not deploy it yet due
to newly found memory issues with bulk imports of existing data on

1) Working on releases. Release engineering has taken over my brain.
2) Continuing education: learning coq via mit subject 6.822.  we should
encourage others to do continuing education stuff somehow.

1) Getting ready for board meeting next week.
2) Lots of Rome meeting planning.
3) Editing a number of things for Tommy.
4) Have to get a new budget to Sida.
5) Talking with Laura at DRL later today.
6) Trying to take vacation next week (other than board meeting).

1) uploading sponsor8 report during this meeting - and talking w/ laura
on phone
2) sponsor4 extension was signed yesterday
3) prep work for Rome:
 - working on prep work for network team roadmap
 - getting sites mocks done to present in rome - want to propose
something to yall
 - getting support ready to launch before rome
 - before rome will do a lot of work f2f w ux team in valencia
 - who can put me in touch w DDG?

1) Have been sick this week, coming back to life
2) Relay guide post published, in promotion now. Love the image Antonela
made for it and am using a slight variation for some social media
3) Have a nice volunteer spotlight coming up that Tommy and I worked on
4) Had a check-in with Moz/Tor folks

1) Dev stuff: Working on making Vanguards script more pythonic and
2) Research coordination: Coordinating work on Sponsor2 with Matt Wright
and co.
3) Getting back on top of our TorBirdy/Thunderbird work so it doesn't
fall into total limbo as we wait 100 years for OTF.

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