[tor-project] December & January Grants Update

Tommy Collison tommyc at torproject.org
Mon Feb 5 19:36:59 UTC 2018

A bumper two-month update:

- Wrote and submitted a grant to the Rose Foundation's consumer privacy
rights fund.
- Wrote and submitted a grant to OTF to support a secure email bundle.
- Wrote and submitted an interim report for a general operating support
- Was part of a grants meeting in December to figure out our 2018 grants
- Was part of another grants meeting in January to figure out our plan
for the next two/three months.
- Worked with Alison on a letter of inquiry to support our global south
- Worked on a statement of interest to support our modularization work.
- Worked on a statement of interest to support our Tor Browser work.
- Worked with Sue, Shari, and Roger to organize and populate our grants
repository, so that all our important grant proposals, contracts,
reports, and deadlines live in one place.
- Planned a grant for onion services.
- Planned a research grant with Roger.
- Copy-edited various things for different people.
- Researched how foundations evaluate grants to try and write better
monitoring-and-evaluation sections.
- Started to research more sources of funding in places that aren't
North America.

As a reminder, you can use https://pipeline.torproject.net to tell me
about things you're working on. I'm not the one who decides what gets
funded, but I can do some financial match-making to find foundations
that like to support different sorts of work.

- Worked with Steph to publish two more volunteer spotlights:
- Worked with Shari, Steph, Alison, and Jon to wrap up our end-of-year
crowdfunding campaign, which (thanks to Mozilla's generous match)
brought in $420,522.84. How about them onions!
- Worked with Shari and Steph to publish our 2017 year-in-review:
- Continued getting my pilot's license as part of my plan to fly to the
autumn Tor meeting.


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