[tor-project] Notes from February 1 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 2 08:06:19 UTC 2018

Notes for February 1 2018 meeting:

1) Met with Mozilla folks on Mon/Tue to braindump. Things seemed to have
gone well. They seem more comfortable with our design and specs than
they were coming into it
2) More stable releases coming soon, probably some time next week.
3) Alphas including DoS mitigation coming soon too, I hope.
4) Trying to sequence fixes for TROVE-2018-001 and TROVE-2018-002 and
the ongoing DoS.

1) Finished another bunch of items from my backlog (design doc
update/proposal comments/proposal write-up)
2) Began to think about possible team meetings on the team meetings day
in Rome making sure we are aware of requirements by other teams
3) We are starting to focus on our preparations for Firefox 60 ESR

1) I'm *still* sick. It's definitely slowing me down. :(
2) Hired new CFGO. Her name is Heather, and she starts February 19. She
hopes to move to Seattle in March. (She currently lives in Oklahoma.)
3) Trying out bluejeans conference software. Was unimpressed first
meeting. (It couldn't detect my camera, and Alison had trouble logging
in.) Gonna give it another chance and probably try Chime next
4) Working with Sue on audit and other financial cleanup.
5) Various edits to funding documents.
6) Talking with Laura at DRL next week about our modularization proposal.
7) Various personnel things.

1) Lots of great feedback on the meeting mailing list about scheduling.
I will send a response with some more ideas from the meeting organizers
today or tomorrow.
2) Rightscon tickets...do we have to do anything else on this?
3) Organizing a meeting to talk about the HOPE CFP and other Tor plans
there -- Wednesday February 7 at 1600 UTC in #tor-meeting (sending out a
reminder email today)
4) CoC conversation is still open; hoping to get open comments resolved
by Friday and then ask for co-sponsors.
5) Library Freedom Institute update: today is the deadline for
applications and we're getting tons! I'm still looking for a couple more
Tor people to do guest lectures (online or in NYC).
6) Preparing for the Tor meetup on February 15th and for a talk at
Barnard College that weekend
7) Did you schedule your team meeting days for Rome?

1) Evaluated 2017/18 roadmap progress and found that we're pretty much
on track (yay!):
2) Compiled first 20 pages of content for Reproducible Metrics
deliverable for Sponsor 13.
3) Merged CollecTor's webstats module, but still need to make
performance optimizations in order to support bulk imports.
4) Still working on Onionoo's graph issue after relays increased
bandwidth reporting interval from 4 to 24 hours.

1) Published post to encourage news orgs & activists to set up onions,
got feedback from several folks (dev and comms).
2) Newsletter went out yesterday
3) Working on relay guide blog post. Edited several other posts. Working
with Tommy on upcoming volunteer spotlights.
4) Jon, Tommy, and I are getting segmentation training from GR

1) super sick and behind on a loooooooooooot of things
2) reviewed SOI modularization and SOI TB desktop - asked tommy to share
it with gk too
3) will ping adam for the extension contract (and give him what he needs
for that) - emailed isis work agreement copied shari and nick
4) today (and maybe tomorrow but i hope not but i am still super sick so
... who knows) get Q4 sponsor8 report out
5) will be at valencia with ux team doing user testing before rome

1) Working on guard-discovery defenses and packaging for the vanguard script

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