[tor-project] Notes from December 20 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 21 16:27:55 UTC 2018

Notes for December 20 2018 meeting:

1) Working on Counterpart International Proposal for User Testing
Program in Zimbabwe
2) Sponsor 19: Started sharing tickets with the teams and doing some
preliminary scheduling
3) Started organising work for gettor for early 2019
4) More updates to the Sida Phase 1 report

1) reviewed OTF Proposal and S9 feedback docs
2) worked on snowflake
3) working on TBA + Orbot
4) wrapping november and december reports for the UX team
5) Hiro is still working on tpo.org or tpo.org/about on staging
6) working with Elio on the first iteration of wireframes for Country
pages of the new OONI Explorer
7) made a draft of a PRD for Get Tor
8) my Open Source Design FOSDEM Devroom talk was accepted
9) made updates at donate.tpo.org and assets for the #oniontravels campaign

1) submitted Rightscon talk for me and Gus and others from different orgs
2) doing lots of LFI recruitment
3) Maggie is working on volunteer coordination plans
4) Maggie is also writing up what we hope will eventually become the
canonical  Tor vs VPN document
5) Kat is working on the second s19 report
6) Colin continued working with PIA on relay deployment and trying to
resolve suspicious relay issues with OVH
7) emma helped onionshare with translations, got some more langs in the
manual and on support.torproject.org staging
8) we worked on s9 follow ups

1) Scrambling to finish end-of-year stuff, including S8 and S3 reporting
tasks, MOSS planning, S8 coding, and release.
2) AFAIK I have currently done everything others need for end of year,
other than:
    * Opening tickets for initial MOSS milestones
    * Reviewing and responding to draft anticensorship roadmap
    * Code review for late-arriving code, as it arrives.
    * Please let me know asap if you need something not on that list.
3) I'll be storing email not addressed to me personally from Saturday
through my return on Jan 2 or 3. If you need me for something from me
then, please use signal or personal email.
4) Updated release plans: hoping to get (stable) in January,
along with new 0.3.3.x and 0.3.4.x releases, and the first 0.4.0.x
alpha.  Please make sure the network team knows if you consider any
current bug to be a release blocker.
5) S8 looks to be finishing in a good state.

1) S8 Q4 report - looked at what was done by network team and match it
with objectives.
2) OONI: created tickets for one of the projects and map it to use
github projects for it.
3) MOSS modularization: worked on milestones for the project with Nick
and Al sent them.
4) Metrics: sent the report on collector to OTF.
Before the end of the year:
1) Report on sponsor 3
2) Move s19 roadmap into something I can track.
3) Adjust the roles/responsabilites for the anti-censorship dev and lead
to send to candidates.

1) Packing up my stuff from the Seattle office today. Today's my last
day in the office.
2) Contacting potential major donors and asking them to give.
3) Reviewing grant proposals as needed.
4) Trying to be useful in all other ways.

1) Published technical report "Towards modernising data collection and
archive for the Tor  network.":
2) Updated "Total consensus weights across bandwidth authorities" to
only contain running relays and to also contain consensus numbers:
3) Updated 4 graphs containing OnionPerf data to show all sources
separately rather than an aggregate number:
4) Combined 3 graphs on consumed bandwidth into 1 graph:
5) Made a couple internal changes to the Tor Metrics website that will
make it a lot easier to maintain in the future.

1) personnel stuff
2) tying up loose ends, getting our recruiting processes ready to be on
hold for the holiday
3) office saying goodbye to Shari [sniffle, sniffle]

1) Preparing final posts and emails, planning for holiday comms. I will
be online and available for much of the break.
2) I will be offline first week of Jan
3) Trying to raise $5k today through social media to reveal a surprise.
4) Working on the next newsletter so we can have it go out over the break
5) Working on 2019 comms strategy
6) Responding to press inquiries

1) Just sponsor2 dev work

1) Reviewing grant proposals that have deadlines the first week of the year.
2) Met with DRL officers and Isa in DC yesterday.
3) Preparing a Christmas-themed blog and final YE emails.
4) Sat on a panel Monday for a Georgetown grad school class on
fundraising. Drummed up interest about Tor.
5) Helping with YE campaign social media efforts.
6) Reaching out to potential major donors.
7) Preparing for a t-shirt promotion next week.
8) Working on 2019 fundraising roadmap.
9) Will be online most of next week, but might have spotty Wifi at
times, so use Signal to reach me.

1) helping out with grant proposals and following up with Sida feedback
on our report
2) reviewing blog posts for YE campaign
3) made the video for the challenge and also coordinated the motivation part
4) working with Sarah on fundraising roadmap 2019
5) organizing

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