[tor-project] November and December 2018 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Thu Dec 20 18:07:03 UTC 2018

Hello tor,
I wrapped the last two months here, so this is quite long. 

We joined Mozilla during All Hands in Orlando. We had insightful
conversations about privacy, users and security and privacy settings.

We reached a consensus about the next version of our Security Settings.
With this iteration, we are trying to balance security and usability and
a better understanding about what each security level trade-off is for
users as well. The latest prototype allows clicks here:

Dunqan, an advocate designer, worked on the Onboardingto introduce our
new Security Settings to users. This iteration will allow us to explain
to users how security settings work and also to fix two bugs from the
previous version. You can see it in action here:

Tor Browser new icon implementation reached our alphas and will see the
light during our stable release in TB85. Since you were part of this
work, you can sneak peek how TB will look next:

Wanda Arca, a designer from Argentina, made an animated version of the
new TB icon, you can enjoy it here:

The second alpha for Tor Browser for Android was released, and we are
working towards next sprint, TBA-a3. We want to offer users a simple way
to connect to the tor network and also enable censored users to decide
to connect via bridges if it is needed. Some of this work is still in
progress here:

Elio and OONI folks are working on the new version of OONI Explorer. We
iterated over the Measurement Result pages to match the concept and the
layout with the recently release OONI Probe, and we are working on
Country pages right now. You can see the work in progress here:

We are planning to run usability testing in January for the new OONI
Explorer Country pages. If you are a researcher or someone who use OONI
Explorer a lot, we want to hear your feedback of what we are building! 

We joined forces with the network team to allow users to run Snowflake
in more diverse ways. One of those ways will be a browser web extension.
We are working on it and will be part of a huge 2019 milestone that aims
to help censored users to reach the Internet. See the first intent here:

The new torproject.org is now ready for review on staging. Is still a
work in progress and we aim to release it during Q119.

Hiro presented Onions in Containers during DockerCon Europe 18. She
talked about how .onion can grow using Docker containers and what are
the benefits of doing it for end users.

And as a closure, in 2018 we released TB8 with several usability
improvements, we worked on TBA to match the experience that users have
in desktop, we launched support.torproject.org as the primary source for
users to find answers to their questions. Also, we traveled over four
countries in the global-south to raise the voices of our users and their
experiences in local contexts, and we worked across teams to support
them with visual, UI and UX design.

As we look forward to 2019, I hope to continue offering solutions to
users all over the world to reach the internet privately and safely.

Happy holidays folks!


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