[tor-project] November 2018 User Feedback Report

Maggie maghaughey at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 17:01:29 UTC 2018

Hey, team!

Welcome to the November User Feedback summary.
November was /special/, in that users mentioned bugs and known issues
much less than in other months. This is partially because there were no
TB release blog posts in November, and most bug reports appear on the
blog. As such, I'm skipping the user feedback sheet this month, since
it's pretty bare compared to past months. All relevant user-reported
bugs are included directly in this email.

The most frequently mentioned bugs were the following:
- Cannot select/copy/paste text on TBA (27256) - RESOLVED [1]
- Tor Browser cannot be booted multiple times from a USB drive (28068) -
OPEN [2]

- I'm noticing that questions like "why can't I access this specific
site on TB" are common across platforms (i.e. on RT, reddit, etc).
- This month I've seen lots of questions about why Tor won't connect.
This gives me the impression that bridges and pluggable transports are
the biggest point of confusion for Tor users. Traumschule has compiled
some more info to add to the pluggable transports section of the Tor
Browser manual, which should help to address these questions. [3]

Blog posts:
Nothing of note - fewer releases this month than in past months, which
means less user interaction on the blog posts, and fewer bug reports
from users.

There wasn't much content in November that differed from past months.
Still lots of people asking about using a VPN with Tor, wondering why
they can't access a specific site, asking if a specific action will
compromise their anonymity (adjusting settings, etc.), and wondering why
bridges aren't working for them. The community is very good at answering
these questions (though they still give varying answers regarding the
question of VPNs).

There have been a few questions about the Circle with Disney app, which
people can use to monitor their family's internet use.

By far the most common question is 'why isn't Tor working?', with little
supporting information. Maybe we can add something to the new support
portal asking people to include a log and some context when they contact
us on RT for help.

Stack Exchange:
most common tags:
tor-browser-bundle: 12 this month
configuration: 12 this month
tor-install: 10 this month
tails: 6 this month
help: 5 this month
vpn: 5 this month
update: 5 this month

That's all for November! As always, please feel free to get in touch
with me any time for more information on user feedback.

1. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27256
2. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28068
3. https://github.com/torproject/manual/pull/7


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