[tor-project] Tor Browser meeting December 10, 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Dec 10 21:15:00 UTC 2018

Hi everyone!

Our weekly Tor Browser meeting ended 1 hour ago. The IRC log can be
found at:


and the items on our meeting pad are pasted below, for your convenience:

Monday December 10, 2018
    - Summary of All Hands Meetings? [GeKo: overall it seems the meeting
went well, there'll be a summary sent to the tbb-dev list I hear]

    (afk during meeting)
    Last week:
        - helped build the new releases
        - some reviews
        - fixed #28775 (Add mercurial in tbb-build ansible role)
        - added patch for #26843 (Get l10n-changesets.json from
        - looked at #28685 (Tor Browser for Android needs a more dynamic
Build ID)
    This week:
        - will be at reproducible builds meeting from tuesday to
thursday: probably not much time tomorrow to help with release publishing.
        - on friday/monday: continue work on testsuite, and binutils issue

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Thought about bootstrap status reporting and commented in some tor
        - #27102 (decouple bootstrap progress numbers from
BOOTSTRAP_STATUS enum values).
        - #28281 (outline of high-level bootstrap tracker abstractions).
    - Completed several code reviews:
        - #25794 (Disable PointerEvents).
        - #27290 (WebGL is broken in Tor Browser 8).
        - #27919 (Backport SSL status API).
        - #28075 (Torbutton WARN: no SOCKS credentials found).
        - #28608 (Disable HTTP response throttling by default).
        - #28695 (Set BRNameMatchingPolicy to "Enforce").
  This week:
    - #25694 (Improve the user experience of updating Tor Browser).

    Last week(s):
        - updated #25702 patches with feedback (tor-browsesr re-branding)
        - patch for #28546 (windows installer rebranding)
        - patch for #12885 (remove broken 'jumplists' in tor-browser for
        - closed #26280 (blurry app icon in Gnome)

        - Mozilla All-Hands, met up with Arthur re: tor browser uplift

    This week:

    - patch for #28809 (update tor-browser-build to allow side-by-side
installation of release, alpha and nightly)

    - get back on that #3600 work, ping Steven E about that
storage-api/TPI meeting and see what ideas we can integrate/steal

    - patch for #28561 (moving About Tor dialog from tor-button to
tor-browser branding)

    - investigate #28810 (separate default tor ports for release, alpha,
and nightly builds)

  Last week:
      Mozilla All-Hands
        Ran/attended meetings about:
            First-Party Isolation
            Canvas fingerprinting and fonts
            Mobile roadmap
            Other Tor+Mozilla things
    This week:
        Clean up torbutton-as-a-systemaddon patch - #28640
        Try backporting patches for Android file/content URI crash - #28705
        Start working on new TBA+Orbot UI - #28329
        Meeting about next TBA alpha release

     - Sat at home last week and missed everyone
     - The NSS Version bump landed in esr60; so I will be (trying to)
land build jobs and patches there:
         - mingw-gcc x64 build confirmed to run
         - mingw-clang build
             - x86 and x64 builds confirmed to run
             - missing resources backported and confirmed fixed
             - --enable-accessibility build works and runs on Windows 10
- did not test an accessibility tool though

is the full patchset for x86/x64 mingw-gcc,
mingw-clang+resourcefix+accessibility on esr60
     - Working on security bugs backports:
         - Randomize small allocations in jemalloc:
            - Backported patch - jemalloc changes a lot since it was
originally written
            - unit tests pass, running Talos to get an approximation on
            - Need to fix a small Windows issue; and manually re-read
patch to confirm it looks sane.
          - Arraybuffer Metadata in its own Arena:
            - Patches apply fine, unt tests are fine. Need to Talos run
for perf, and double check with reviewer the patch is okay
          - I think enabling CFG via mingw-clang would be 'easy' and be
something nice. Haven't tested it yet though.
     - I am wondering what is up with #3600; in particular I was hoping
to understand the proposals a bit better...

    Last week:
        -a lot of reviews to get stuff into our releases (e.g. #26843,
#28697, #28725, #28573, #28696, #28540, #27762, #28466)
        -built releases and started signing (stable is ready and is
getting rsync'ed to dist)
        -did the begin-of-the-month admin work
        -wrote some smaller patches (#28750, #28747, #28695, #27290,
#25794, #28608)
        -worked on Rust enabled in macOS Tor over the weekend (#25779)
        -found the missing binutils patch for enabling MOZILLA_OFFICIAL
on 32bit-Windows builds on the weekend, currently testing result (see:
        -did some triage for TBA-a3
        -worked on the security control redesign (#25658)

        -work on related bugs (#27290, #21805)

     This week:
         -help getting releases out
         -review of proposals for #3600
         -more work on #25658 and related bugs
         -Tor Browser design doc update (#25021)

  Last week:
   - #28697 - Reusable signing key and fixed timestamps to make apk
reproducible (merged)
   - #28696 - Use hard-coded grade repo path to make apk reproducible
   - #28764 - OpenSSL Build for Android (in review)
   This Week:
   - #27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy
   - #28765 - LibEvent for Android
   - #28766 - Tor Build for Android

    Last week:
        - Sponsor 8 Q4 report prep
        - Roadmap review
        - Research into Project Management tools
    This week:
        - More of the same
        - Tor Browser Release meeting


    Last Week:

    - Mozilla All-Hands

    This Week:

    - #28329 TBA + Orbot


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