[tor-project] Notes from December 6 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 7 09:53:42 UTC 2018

Notes for December 6 2018 meeting:

1) Continued work on wtf-pad/sponsor2

1) Found the bug that broke our bandwidth history graphs recently.
2) Discussed various graph improvements.

1) Helped onion services proposal
2) Sponsor 8 wrapping up for network team. Starting Q4 report with Pili.
3) Snowflake kick off and getting people from the network team into
snowflake issues from roadmap. Created a roadmap specifically for
snowflake moving forward. [GeKo: Can I get a link to that one?] [Gaba:
Please send me a msg if you have any comments/questions on it, I can add
you to the roadmap for you to edit it if needed. The idea is for Pili
and me to update that roadmap with input from teams]
4) Had metrics team retrospective. Will work on reports for sponsor 13.
5) OONI reading on processes.

1) I'm at Mozilla All-Hands
2) LFI recruitment begins Monday; still working on all other recruitment
3) Gus and I are putting together a proposal for Rightscon
4) Gus is also planning sponsor9 travel
5) We all continue to work on the community portal planning
6) emma created a new IRC channel for localization, #tor-l10n
7) Gus is organizing work for the Sao Paolo University volunteers we
will get next year
8) Colin worked with a large internet company on deploying relays

1) Worked on Financials for the Board
2) Working on finishing up the audit still hopefully done by the end of year
3) Got back from Seattle on Tuesday evening
4) Invoicing Grantors for October and November

1) Simone is in Aberdeen doing a hackathon with irl on getting
pathspider tests into OONI
2) Bugfixing for OONI Probe beta
3) Moving forward with OONI Explorer
4) Dealing with the eclipsis migration from Washington DC datacenter to

1) Tor Browser 8.5a5 went out, 8.0.4 got built and 8.5a6 is getting
prepared (the latter two with the update donation banners), planned
release is 12/11.

1) At Mozilla All Hands
2) Editing and publishing EOY blog posts
3) TBG presented their final presentation
4) Coordinating LFI press with Alison, created a package
5) Planning RightsCon proposal with Sarah

1) Mozilla All Hands
2) Ran UX/UI Meeting with Firefox team
3) Worked with Duncan on Security Settings Onboarding
4) Hiro presented Onions in Containers at DockerCon Barcelona
5) Did OONI Explorer design review with Elio

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