[tor-project] Tor Browser meeting Dec 3, 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Dec 3 19:47:00 UTC 2018

Hi everyone!

Our weekly Tor Browser meeting just finished. The meeting log can be
found at:


and our notes on the pad are copied below:

Monday December 3, 2018
    -release prep for 12/11

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Fixed #28543 (about:tor has horizontal scroll bar between widths
900px and 1000px).
    - Created patch for #27828 ("Check for Tor Browser update" doesn't
seem to do anything).
    - Helped with #28640 (System addon does not override app-profile addon).
    - Monitored Snowflake meeting.
    - Attended sandboxing meeting.
  This week:
    - Help with code reviews.
    - Look at catalyst's bootstrap phases proposal (see #28281 comment:3).
    - #25694 (Improve the user experience of updating Tor Browser).

    Last week:
        - Finished  #26690(padlock)
        - Worked on - #28580 (tor circuit for tba)
   This week:
       - Finish #28580
       - Work on #27762 (Implement better fix for Torbutton signing

    - Organized Orlando Meetings
    - Busy with other things mostly
    - NSS fixes finally landed in esr60, so I will work on landing build
jobs there

    Last week:
        -reviews (#28540, #28640, #28051, #27977, #28466
        -started work on the security settings redesign (#25658)
        -worked on setting MOZILLA_OFFICIAL for Windows (#28618) and on
backporting SSLstatus API (#27919)
        -fixed alpha build issue (no non-android bundles were copied to
the final directory) (#28677)
        -begin-of-the-month admin stuff
        -release prep and build
    This week:
        -release preparations (picking all the patches for stable/alpha,
build the releases, sign them)
        -work on the security settings redesign (#25658)
        -begin-of-the-month team admin stuff (adapting keywords, roadmap
progress, further planning)
        -update Tor Browser design document (#25021)

    Last week:
        - helped build/publish new alpha release
        - worked on fixing testsuite issues
    This week:
        - review patch for #26843 (Adding multi-locale support for Tor
Browser for Android)
        - help building the new releases
        - check if binutils reproducibility issue (#26148) is still
present with latest binutils master, and try to debug the issue
        - work on testsuite:
            - enable emails for testsuite results
            - open tickets for all failing tests
            - temporarily disable tests that will require more work for
fixing (so we can notice new failing tests)
        - afk on thursday

  Last week:
   - #27977 - Integrated Orbot into build - Updated/Tested latest
patches, feedback, fixes
      Test Browser APK
   This Week:
   - #27609 - Consider breaking out installer into Android library
[GeKo: let's write up some pros/cons and why we would need it compared
to the status quo]
   - #28704 - Compile Tor Android dependencies for Android

  Last week:
      - Sponsor 9 report
  This week:
      - Start preparing sponsor 8 Q4 report


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