[tor-project] Notes from August 30 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 31 06:31:00 UTC 2018

Notes for August 30 2018 meeting:

1) Mexico City meeting planning!!! Hoping to get the open days blog post
out on Friday or so (with Spanish translation, need someone's help with
that). We have lots of great things going on on the open days, including
sessions in English and in Spanish, sessions for newcomers, and a relay
operator meetup. I will be sharing the invite-days schedule draft as
soon as I hear back from a couple of people who had major collisions.
Then I will help people with making changes. There is lots of free time
in this schedule and lots of places for adding new sessions!! I have
been coordinating with teams about the team meeting day so if you
haven't yet, please let me know when your team needs to meet on Sept 29.
It's okay if you wait and do this yourself once I share the schedule but
it may be easier to get those times to me now in case you need other
teams at your meetings. I will also soon start planning the State of the
Onion talk for the invite and open days, and will need to coordinate
with all of you. Other than that we are just working on last minute odds
and ends. If you need anything related to the meeting, just ask!
2) Starting to think about roadmapping at the meeting, looking forward
to meeting with our new project manager(s).
3) LFI: We are in week 13! We just covered email privacy, next week
we'll be talking about some more basic security stuff and also making a
list of best practices for talking to lawmakers about privacy-related
stuff (getting their support for privacy tech and practices, both
locally and nationally, and how to communicate with them when bad things
like Cambridge Analytica happen). After that we're talking about how to
teach privacy to youth. We just sent out tshirts and pins to everyone
who asked for them!
4) Gus is in Kenya with Helen already beginning trainings! Very exciting!

1) Organizing current grant info and researching future opportunities in
preparation for in-person grant meeting in Seattle 9/10-9/11.
2) Interviewing grant writers.
3) Completed MDF final report and will submit today.
4) Finalized plan with Giant Rabbit to optimize email lists and
subscription process.
5) Beginning to compile information to complete state registrations
necessary for fundraising.
6) YE campaign - Thinking about having a "rush"day where we have a $20K
match (outside of the Mozilla match).

1) I was reminded of Micah Lee's
https://github.com/firstlookmedia/gpgsync while trying to help some
folks think through our new website. Maybe we have enough non-expert gpg
users at Tor now that we should consider using it as an org?
2) I worry that trac has gone unusable for new users. That is, pretend
you're a new user with a bug to file, and you want to show up and make
an account and file a ticket. The barriers we've put up against jerks
are turning away the real users too. :( [Ideas during brainstorming: we
can set up a central web page to explain the situation to people. But a
web page to explain that the user experience sucks will only help so
much. Another floated idea was to encourage new people to file their
tickets on github and then we could migrate them or something.]

1) working on the newsletter for this month
2) tba blog post ready
3) going over website copy for TPO with Antonela and Isa
4) talked with Sarah and Giant Rabbit about email lists
5) planning our def con badge. have included Antonela and ahf in the
thread with the volunteer to discuss some options
6) blog post on mexico city open days in final steps
7) talking through processes / workflow between comms, ux, other teams
8) wrote press release for tb8, finalizing outreach plan

1) got some reports out still has at least 2 I want to finish by early
next week.
2) balancing current projects priorities - we are about to do 2 big
launches that involves work done for the past year (work done by
community, ux, browser teams)
3) building documentation for new peeps (onboarding for pms) and for all
peeps related to reorg and how the new workflows will look like
4) exercising my 'task delegations' and trying to get some things out of
my to do list (asked Karsten for help on one of this tasks and I'm
looking on whatelse can be delegated)
5) I need devs to finalize the programming languages at the
anti-censorship team job post so we publish it.
6) sync with Erin on performance review process at tor and general
onboarding deck
7) will build a calendar for folks to know what i am doing and when in
Mexico and book 1:1s with me if they want to

1) Continued testing ExoneraTor database changes.
2) Put out ExoneraTor version 3.0.1 with a fix to links to nearby IP
3) Started making plans for the team day in Mexico City.

1) Development work on vanguards; sponsor2 padding stuff; core-tor

1) Tor Browser 8 release preparations
2) First alpha for Tor Browser on Mobile should finally go out soonish(TM)

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