[tor-project] [TSoP 2018] Ahmia status update - report #7

Nurmi, Juha juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Mon Aug 27 15:46:43 UTC 2018

Thanks Stelios! Excellent work, it was a fruitful summer of privacy :)


On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 5:27 PM, Stelios Barberakis <chefarov at gmail.com>

> Hello all,
> This comes in late, sorry about that, we had some issues deploying the
> recent changes.
> The new things that we have integrated since the last report are:
> --- Ahmia Site ---
> * Integrated Page Popularity algorithm (based on backlinks). The goal here
> is to improve the sorting (of the results), by pushing the popular pages a
> bit higher. Tuning the formula to combine page popularity score with the IR
> (information retrieval) score, optimizing for all cases, is a black art. It
> will need a lot of testing.
> It's currently deployed as a silent feature (you need to append &r
> <https://ahmia.fi/search/?q=onion+routing&r> at the end of the url), so
> that we can evaluate the results we get on the production environment,
> before making it the default. Current results are not great, but they are
> promising, and I am confident that we will further improve it (some ideas
> are listed in the reference). [1]
> * Improved django validators and added v3 onion support (that applies for
> the domains added by user only, since the crawler and index were already
> working with v3) [2]
> * Improved statistics figures by increasing the width and adding grid
> lines [3]
> * Updated travis configuration to match the current development [4]
> I am really glad and thankful that I had the chance to participate in this
> summer of privacy program. I suppose this is the last report for this
> summer, however there are still things that I plan to work on, so I will
> continue to participate on ahmia development in my own pace. The OFTC
> channel is currently active, which means that we are open to any ideas,
> suggestions etc.
> Best Regards,
> Stelios
> [1] https://github.com/ahmia/ahmia-site/issues/30
> [2] https://github.com/ahmia/ahmia-site/pull/34
> [3] https://github.com/ahmia/ahmia-site/pull/36
> [4] https://github.com/ahmia/ahmia-site/pull/42
> --
> PGP key: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=
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