[tor-project] Notes from August 9 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 10 09:07:51 UTC 2018

Notes for August 9 2018 meeting:

1) Released Onionoo 6.2 which added a few enhancements, but also
contained a regression or two. Our plan is to put out a minor or patch
release early next week.
2) Handled an issue with CollecTor instances not syncing properly, which
led to a data loss of one day. Fortunately, with teor's help, we were
able to recover the missing data from friendly relay operators.

1) Working with Arthur on including fundraising messaging in banners on
the Tor Browser.
2) Looking into ways to increase subscription to Tor Newsletter.
3) Working with Giant Rabbit on updating the Donate page.
4) Reaching out to past major donors.
5) Excellent meeting with Dan and Nat from OTF on Monday. They offered
to serve as resources in our efforts to diversify our funding.

1) meeting with auditor and Sue, who is coming to town
2) interviewing potential bookkeepers
3) reviewing other job applicants
4) budgeting fun with Sida
5) generally getting things ready to hand off to Isa

1) working on reports for sponsors
2) working on onboarding for pms
3) reviewing alpha launch copy / organizing comms and ux team collaboration
4) helped sue and shari deal w/ some requests from drl
5) met w/ matt about nyc tor workspace and more collaboration with IFF;
met with jigsaw ux team and devs; met with Karsten about metrics team.
6) trying to organize all the things for mexico that I think are
important and should happen
7) planing to have syncs with Sarah (on fundraising opportunities
calendar) and Steph (on overall comms strategy)
8) got my visa for taiwan will get tickets today for OTF summit
9) plans for the future: general onboarding documentation for tor;
diversity report and strategy for tor.

1) getting ready for def con, land fri morn in Vegas. Bringing stickers,
relay flyers, one pagers. Roger's AMA is 6pm Saturday in Crypto &
Privacy Village
2) working on tpo copy
3) led LFI media training Saturday
4) doing another Tor session at Computer Science for Cyber Security
(CS4CS) Summer Program for High School Women on Wednesday
5) edited some copy for a Tor Browser feedback survey
6) Sarah and I are on a new alias to gather Tor stories - stories@
7) Tommy is drafting a couple posts

1) Fixing more vanguards issues for another release next week (wrote
README material that can be a blog post, but still hashing it out with asn).
2) Started working on Sponsor2 report; may have NSF portal permissions

1) We supported Zimbabwean communities on investigating censorship
events during the riots that followed the general elections.
2) Maria gave an OONI lecture at Oxford University, as part of the
Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute.
3) We have continued to interview community members to collect their
feedback for the revamp of the OONI Probe mobile apps.
4) Submitted the July OONI status report:
5) Next week Arturo is going to be at FOCI, Baltimore presenting OONI

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