[tor-project] [TSoP 2018] Bandwidth scanner update - report #6

juga juga at riseup.net
Tue Aug 7 20:37:00 UTC 2018


since the report #5, these has been the tasks i have worked on:

- Create Debian package for sbws (#26848)
    - Initial autopkg test support
    - Continue with binaries should have manual pages (man) (#26926)
- Continue with warn when there is not enough disk space (#26937)
- Continue with check that the scaling is working [0]
    - Run sbws and Torflow from same box
    - Generate and graph sbws results with and without rtt
    - Generate and graph sbws results with a bigger time to download
data and with default time
    - Parse raw torflow results
    - Graph raw torflow results and sbws
    - Start scaling sbws results in a similar way as torflow does


[0] https://github.com/pastly/simple-bw-scanner/issues/182

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