[tor-project] Notes from September 28 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Sep 30 07:45:35 UTC 2017

Notes for September 28 2017 meeting:

1) We accidentally left MeetBot running for a couple of days after out
last team meeting in #tor-dev which led to logging the channel all the
time and which prevented the network team from using MeetBot. I can't
rule out that we'll make the same mistake again, nor can other teams.
Should we move all public team meetings to #tor-meeting instead and use
MeetBot there? I'm happy to do it, but it makes even more sense if
most/all teams do it. Conclusion: yes, we're going to try it. Roger will
send mail to tor-project explaining the plan. [Update 2017-09-30: Turns
out we did *not* log half a week of #tor-dev; we just confused MeetBot
in a way that it did not allow the network team to start a new meeting:
2) We're currently meeting in Berlin to make a team roadmap for the next
12 months. We're probably going to publish it next week and discuss it
with other teams in Montreal.

1) Montreal meeting planning continues apace. I'm still soliciting ideas
for the working sessions.
2) Lots of prep for my IMLS grant. I hope to have the application for
participants completed this week.
3) Outreachy applications are rolling in.
4) Helping Isa find volunteers for Sponsor8 activities.

1) Mozilla all-hands meeting, let's tell people a plan for who should be
there. Plan: Roger will mail tor-project at .
2) Brad: I'm doing an NSF proposal, due Oct 10. You could influence the
budget allocations.
3) Membership secretary is in place: Damian is our new membership secretary.
4) OONI and Tor bundling: their mobile version doesn't have Tor in it,
because iOS. That's sad, and we should help them fix it. Plan: have a
session in Montreal to nail down whatever short term fixes we can do.
5) I'm doing a poor job as execdir-to-frontdesk conduit. I wonder if we
should try listing the frontdesk on the contact page, with a big warning
next to it. Plan: I will work with Alison to craft an amazing sentence
for the contact page, and we'll swap frontdesk in and execdir out.
6) What did we do with the FOSDEM invite answers? Plan: The comms@ team
is going to discuss how we coordinate talk proposals so we can be
proactive rather than just trying to respond. Also, some proposals need
to draw from many parts of Tor, so we need a shift in how we as an org
approach them.

1) Releases should get out pretty soon; the alpha Tor Browser contains
the missing content sandboxing and the first Tor alpha in the 0.3.2 series
2) I started reviewing the Cloudflare CAPTCHA bypass extension
3) Who is doing the CCC talk coordination? <- I'll start a thread on
tor-internal to get the decision process going [GeKo]

1) We're moving forward on various projects in the Network team: mostly
trying to fix bugs for the 0.3.2.x release series.
2) Remember: Isis and Ahf are putting out the next release.
3) Did we wind up with a boston PT meeting plan?

1) doing pre-work for Montreal speaker training. Talking with Lyndon
again today about press.
2) Outreach apps coming in. Alison, Tommy, and I participated in a
twitter chat this week.
3) doing prep with GR for fundraising campaign, giving feedback on
acknowledgement letters. chatting again today.
4) helping with OONI comms, following launch process. Iran report blog
post coming today
6) mapping out blog content calendar with Tommy, KIST post will go out
early next week (held back bc of lots of content this week). Post on
onion testing coming up
7) joining publiccode.eu call that publicly financed software developed
for the public sector be made Free and Open Source Software

1) working on sponsor8 indicators for Q1
2) coordinating tasks for designer proposal with TB team and UX team -
writing activities and future plans summaries for tommy to use in the
proposal (due oct 4th)
3) working with network and tb team on sponsor4 tor launcher new experience
4) Linda is finishing up website redesign mocks for me to get it printed
for Montreal discussion session / Antonella is also helping out the
team, she is creating components from bootstrap using our style
guideline (colors fonts etc) - this will be super helpful for anyone
that wants to build sites or pages for their projects following our
5) Hiro is one of the 'consumers' of Antonella's bootstrap resource -
she is working on newsletter archive and signup/unsubscribe pages - she
is also finishing up our survey tool (which we will use for a brand
survey for onion browser and a needs finding survey for network team)
6) DRL responded to modularization proposal from core tor - we need to
reduce budget from 900k to 700k, and apply as cost extension of current
sponsor8 grant.

1) We launched ooni-run: https://run.ooni.io yay!
2) Just published the Iran report:
3) We have been discussing how to make the life easier for mobile
developers that want to integrate Tor into their app, using MK as a test
case. See: https://github.com/measurement-kit/measurement-kit/issues/86
4) Deploying OONI API and the new pipeline this week.

1) working on end-of-year fundraising
2) anything to bring up about Montreal?
3) mapping Tor - will add this to the Montreal meeting agenda under the
title "Tor on a bus."

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