[tor-project] Mozilla "All Hands" coordination

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Thu Sep 28 17:39:48 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

Some of us have been invited to the upcoming Mozilla All-Hands meeting
in Austin in December:

Georg (gk at torproject) is coordinating our plans, to be sure to have
enough of the right people there. We think it would be wise to get a good
cross-section of the Tor world there -- not just a pile of browser devs.

So, if you (a) got an invite, or (b) would like to go as a Tor person,
please let Georg know.

The deadline for answering their invites is Oct 5, so be sure to do
it with enough time before that deadline.

(Technically it is not an invite, but rather a nomination for an invite,
and then on Oct 5 they'll do some internal process to decide actual


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