[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 25 Sep

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Tue Sep 26 15:42:23 UTC 2017

Hi!  Our meeting notes for yesterday are below.  We had a problem with
meetbot, and don't have logs for this week; with luck we'll have that
straightened out by next week.

Network team meeting, 25 September 2017

Last week's notes: how did we do?


After this meeting, please:
    * Check everything assigned to you in 0.3.1 and 0.3.2. Should it
be? Should it be deferred?
    * Check new and needs-info stuff in 0.3.1 and 0.3.2. Anything
there that you should/could be handling?
    * Mark essential stuff with "".

    * Last week (or two):
      * Fixed a nasty bug in Experimental PrivCount that ignored most
connection events
      * Added intro and rend failure reasons to Experimental PrivCount
      * Fixed a bug in Tor's HS stats noise, but we're missing a
function (#23414)
        * anyone want to write a working round_int64_to_next_multiple_of?
      * Found a bunch of little bugs in Tor connections and HS v3,
fixed some of them
      * Fixed some tor-spec bugs, reviewed others
      * Did some thinking about the longclaw move (we'll be fine) #23592
      * Fell down the single onion service v3 IPv6 hole, trying to dig
out again #23493
    * This week:
      * Count the number of simultaneous connections per IP in
Experimental PrivCount
      * Complete the HSDir events for Experimental PrivCount
      * Get ready to travel to the dev meeting
      * I'll be on leave next week, until the hackfest / dev meeting

    * Last week:
      - 5 releases on monday
      - Worked on a bunch of spec-related fixes.
      - Removed many tickets from 032 -- look for "032-deferred" or
"032-unreached" items in Unspecified
      - Reviewed and merged a whole bunch of fixes
      - Tried to help diagnose a bunch of bugs and continue to triage things.
      - Worked on small/persistent/annoying bugs
      - Integrated scan-build to run nightly as part of my tor-auto stuff.
      - Automated lintchanges as part of "make check"
    * This week:
      - Sleep more
      - Help ahf and isis with release, targetting early next week (Monday?)
      - Continue fixing bugs
      - Write more proposals for 033 and beyond
      - Encourage people to defer, fix, fix, defer, etc.
      - Time permitting, look forward to sponsor8 stuff.
      - Montreal prep

  - Still sick and feverish.. Seeing doctor today...
    [asn: sounds like a lovecraft diary!  get well soon!!!]

  * Last week:
    - Bug hunting on KIST and HSv3. Analyzing logs and trying to figure out
      what happened.
    - Addressing tickets in 032 related to scheduler and hidden service.
    - Review tickets in the 032 milestone
    - Some ticket triage happened as well.
  * This week:
    - Pretty much the same as above, I plan to continue addressing 032 tickets
      especially the hidden service v3 ones.
    - Work out with teor and asn the single onion service v3 IPv6 fix (#23493)

komlo (offline):
    - Final round of review for protover-rust from isis- if all goes
well, I will be submitting a patch early next week.
    - Preparing for the Rust hackfest in Montreal- will update the
schedule based on asn's feedback this week.

    * last week:
        - help dgoulet fix KIST bugs
    * this week:
        - keep fixing KIST bugs as they appear

    Last week (2017-W38):
        - Opened some tickets about streamlining release engineering
        - Fixed some clock skew reporting issues
        - Wrote some commentary about bootstrap progress reporting
details in #22266
        - Found #23623 (get_voting_schedule getting called 10k times
in 1 second)
        - Lots of troubleshooting about possible bridge bypass (#20532)
        - Reviewed a bunch of things
    This week (2017-W39):
        - Montreal travel prep
        - More analysis of #20532
        - More work on improving bootstrap progress and error reporting

    Last week:
        Sponsor 4:
        - Reviewed: #23568.
        Sponsor 8:
        - Had some problems with Android Oreo and some of the debugging scripts
          I used.
        - Refactored some of the Doze handling in Orbot and added some logging
          for myself to be able to debug some timing more easily on host.
        - Got through the Rust book and started toying around with a small
        - The test hub ircd for ng onion got a small makeover after we reached
          some limits.
        - Wrote a description of a chanserv feature we might like to see for
    This week:
        Sponsor 4:
        - Fix #23551.
        Sponsor 8:
        - Finish some loose ends: help with the survey where I can + get
          content on the "bandwidth test" HS.
        - Start upstreaming some of the code for tor that I'm using to
          debug things with.
        - Prepare to roll a release for next week (with Isis + Nick) - should
          we talk about this during the week?
        - Go over the interview with BestVPN Q/A with Steph.
        - Look at tickets for 0.3.1 and 0.3.2 in trac that needs to be
closed/pushed forward.
        - More Rust.

  Last week:
  - prop224 is currently in a controllable state. Most code has been merged,
    and all open tickets are non-critical things (don't impact security or
    reachability in a major way). We are now entering a deeper testing and
    bugfixing stage.
  - Made a wiki page for prop224:
    https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/NextGenOnions and
    established a small testing hub on a friendly IRC network. We currently
    have about 15 testers but we need more! Check out:
  - More testing, bugfixing and test writing for prop224. Worked on #23621,
    #23603, #23159, #23641.  Also see
  - More debugging for some elusive discnnects on prop224
clients/services: #23543
    Are we seeing too many client disconnects with prop224 or is it normal
    relay on a 6 hop circuit? We see lots and lots truncate cells with normal
    reasons (channel closed, or ended).
  - Managed a few hackerone bugs.
  - Triaged a few prop224 tickets that were on 0.3.2.
  - Did some preparation for the PhD.
  This week:
  - Need to figure out what to do with the open IPv6 + prop224 bugs
(i.e. #23493).
    Delay until Montreal for discussion, or handle the first part now?
  - More testing and dogfooding of prop224. We should have a Tor Browser with soon so more testing will happen :)
  - Work on the various open prop224 tickets: #23621, #23603, etc.
  - Prepare for Montreal meeting.
  - Do reviews as needed.

      last week:
          - finished farfetchd CAPTCHA server #15967
          - ristretto standardisation meeting (also for vxeddsa and
ristretto-based sigs)
          - took a day off to do political organisation work
          - started the moat backend #22871
          - scheduling meeting sessions for montréal
      this week:
          - ask for a server to deploy farfetchd? not sure if it
should be a separate VM but it could be
          - more scheduling for meeting session
          - releasing


Last week:

- finished time allocation update with brad (will check with nick on
sending the relevant changes to network team)

- started coordinating with Alison on contacts for tests/measurements
we need to do for sponsor8

- send invoices reports related to sponsor8

- missed meeting cuz I was on bus (traveling)

This week:

- finishing survey for apps developers (sponsor8)

- finish text for download measurement test

- finish obtain contacts for download tests

- finish error paths and msgs for progress bar (i know catalyst is
looking for this)

- wondering how moat api is doing (question for isis)

- trying to figure out who can call in for PT community meeting
organized by internews

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