[tor-project] Notes from September 21 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 22 07:31:30 UTC 2017

Notes for September 21 2017 meeting:

1) The CCC call for proposals is out. We should build a great plan and
do it. Deadline Oct 15.
2) The RightsCon call for proposals is out too. Could we do a cool
coalition session?
3) Steph: I'm 80% of the way done updating anonbib for the last few
years. I ought to do a blog post once I (if I) finish. [steph: will make
a note to check in with you!]
4) Capture-the-onion contest idea not dead; write-up still on my todo list.

1) Cloudflare related sessions at Montreal meeting. Which do we want?
2) Our bug bounties and the Zerodium proposal. Do we want some
coordination/statement with HackerOne? <- currently not needed
3) Upcoming releases including new Tor versions; the alphas should have
sandboxing enabled on all platforms

1) We've put out a bunch of releases, including security fixes. 0.3.1.
took longer to stabilize than we had planned. We're trying some things
to try to make 0.3.2 stabilize faster than we had expected.  In
particular, we're trying to make sure that our alpha releases come out
frequently (every 2-3 weeks). We'll try to make sure that they come out
in good time for TB alpha releases, but some of them will miss TB alpha
2) Sharing more responsibility on network team. Isis is running our
meeting-calendar coordination.  Ahf and Isis will try putting out the
next alpha release.
3) Where are we with the Boston PT meeting right after the Montreal meeting?

1) I'll be doing lots of meeting prep from now until we get to Montreal,
including getting the schedule completed, organizing the buddy system,
and making a plan for the open hacking days.
2) Other stuff: working on LFP/IMLS press release and recruiting, Giant
Rabbit meetings, finding people to do sponsor8 testing in various
countries, sukhe is in India doing outreach.

1) Preparing for in-person team meeting in Berlin next week.
2) Working on a roadmap draft to be discussed next week and shared with
the other teams by/before Montreal.

1) traveling this week and next and trying not to fall behind in email
(I'll be in San Francisco next week)
2) working with Giant Rabbit on end-of-year campaign
3) trying to finish text for grant submission
4) working with Alison and Gunner on Montreal meeting logistics
5) scheduling unconscious bias training for 1-1/2 hours on Thursday
morning in Montreal

1) We have been working on releasing the new version of OONI Probe with
custom URI support. This will allow people to embed links on their
website to encourage people to run ooniprobe. Do you know of some
organisations that run popular websites that would be interested in
having a "Run OONI Probe" Widget?
2) Working with Elio on the design of OONI stuff has been great! The
OONI design system is moving along very nicely:
http://openobservatory.github.io/design/, we now have many more elements
specced out and are already using them in new designs.
3) <Bikeshed>We have reached consensus on renaming some of the OONI
software to a more consistent scheme (s/ooniprobe/OONI Probe/, s/OONI
Measurements/OONI API/)</Bikeshed>

1) Working with Brad on organizing the time allocation for teams and
start migrating to the new funding model
2) UX team is getting all mocks of the website redesign ready for
Montreal session
3) Priority is with Tor Launcher deliverable - I've been late with the
progress bar work
4) We got an invitation to submit full proposal for designer position
with UX team - working on that with tommy
5) Got sponsor8 tasks organized with network team
6) Not going to GSOC - got hiro in touch with FOSDEM folks - trying to
get Nick to go to Chile - will be at Tor Diversity Program meeting in
NYC (with freebsd community) - will be at makerfair this weekend might
take some stickers to put on EFF table or something.

1) coordinating Montreal speaker training and pre-work interviews and
background info for Lyndon. we’re full at 15 participants.
2) happy about upcoming blog on KIST Tommy drafted with help from Rob,
Matt, Nick. publishing next week. want us to have more content like
this. published post on Montreal open hack days
3) rate of new followers still climbing on twitter even though other
numbers (like mentions) have gone down post DS. ~9,700 new followers in
past 28 days
4) Working with GR on fundraising campaign, checking in again later today

1) Working with Isa to finalize the updated time allocation budgets for
each employee
2) Next step will be to send prelim budgets to Vegas team for
3) Planning to send out new budgets to employees prior to Montreal

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