[tor-project] Notes from September 14 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 15 07:38:14 UTC 2017

Notes for September 14 2017 meeting:

1) Doing preliminary work -- recruiting mostly -- for my IMLS grant,
which will start in December.
2) I'm glad the membership doc passed! Next step is for us to choose a
membership secretary and bootstrap the list. I hope that we can get a
code of conduct discussion going after that.

1) Sponsor4 work is moving forward
2) We are about to enter the next phase of the mobile browser dev hiring
(coding tasks)
3) nickm: going over the review notes of the last network team meeting
it seems the item for having one from the network team at the
Mozilla-next-steps-to-get-tor-intregrated-into-Firefox-meeting is
missing. Got that discussed and, if so, sorted out? [ Haven't discussed
yet; sorry!  Will send email. Here's a draft. Help me improve it? I'd
like to say when and how long the meeting is.
https://pad.riseup.net/p/DUKhqXvE9fth -nickm] [ Resolved this offline
with Georg; sent note to network-team. -nickm ]

1) Many releases early next week
2) Go team!
3) Meeting about sponsor 8 stuff this afternoon
4) Feature-freezing 0.3.2 tomorrow

1) Mostly caught up on stuff; need to send those emails I said I would
2) Need to hike up to Mount Doom to forge a new GPG subkey
3) Confused about the team day in Montreal

1) Focus on Tor Launcher feature for sponsor4 - dependencies
coordination and also update the feature brief
2) Syncing with network team on sponsor8 work and looking at what else
can move on while we are interviewing candidates for android browser team
3) Timesheets - need to review updated spreadsheet done by Brad - also
start preparing for time reporting under new funding model \o/
4) roadmaps prep work - sent email to TB team will send one to Network
as well
5) invoices are out! one more to go (small one)

1) moving forward w a speaking trainer for Montreal. will be sending
invites, gathering info for pre-work
2) working on post with Tommy and Colin about relay operators meet up
3) responded to zerodium inquiries. appreciate the feedback on the
statement, should have considered the security angle more in depth
4) helped decide end of year fundraising theme with Seattle office and
Giant Rabbit, talking next steps this evening

1) Moving forward with OONI design stuff with Elio
2) Moving forward with implementing custom URI scheme for ooniprobe

1) confirm dates for Spring 2018 Tor meeting
2) unconscious bias training for the Montreal meeting
3) theme for end-of-year fundraising is Powering Digital Resistance
4) working on grant proposals and all sorts of stuff; very busy this week

1) Preparing for Berlin team meeting in two weeks. Thinking about
putting together a (small) agenda which may include feedback from the
community what we should be working on.
2) Tor Metrics has a new logo. :) https://metrics.torproject.org/
3) Moving more web services (back) to Tor Metrics, including CollecTor's
directory listings, Atlas, and ExoneraTor, to have a single user-facing
website for all of metrics. Possibly relevant for Tor website

1) We should figure out whether we want to move forward on my
capture-the-onion plans. Plan: I'll write a few paragraphs next week and
we can see if we like them. We shouldn't sign up to do something that
costs us a bunch of time and money if the funder doesn't want to pay for it.

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