[tor-project] Notes from September 7 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 8 13:00:52 UTC 2017

Notes for September 7 2017 meeting:

0) Was out most of last week; back now.
1) Released; trying to time the stabilization for that series.
2) Behind on implementation and triage for 0.3.2.x; not too far, though,
I think. Mostly my fault?

1) trying to dig out of post-vacation backlog
2) working with Giant Rabbit on end-of-year campaign; going
back-and-forth on their proposal; looks like they'll get started next week
3) trying to finalize dates for Spring 2018 Tor meeting
4) hosting Mike, Nathan, and Roger and meeting with Mozilla and Amazon
tomorrow to discuss Internet of Things and browsers

1) Final invoice for Sponsor R will be issued today
2) Financial statement and compliance audits are continuing
3) Several new grants and contracts awarded this summer
4) Tentatively assigned sponsor codes to new grants/contracts and we're
up to Sponsor 15

1) Coming back to consensus reality after eschaton^Wvacation. (You can
only handle so much of the undifferentiated love for all things, before
it gets boring and you really wish there was a Thunderdome nearby...)
2) Going to be buried in email while I try to dig out from a couple
weeks of backlog. (I ignored *all* of it :).
3) Going to Shari's for the meeting with Mozilla and Amazon today.

1) Working f2f with Linda and Steph (and Roger) on the website redesign
project - mostly focus on content mapping and organization of
dev.torproject.org and community.torproject.org
2) Working with Hiro: helping with newsletter work and survey work mostly
3) reports for invoices are out for Brad - working on sponsor4 August report
4) starting to prep sponsor8 M&E stuff
5) got nice feedback on my kanban board :)

1) Gave a remote presentation at a workshop held by CAIDA called IMAPS
(https://www.caida.org/workshops/imaps/1709/), they are doing very
interesting stuff
2) Most of the OONI team won the 34c3 ticket fairy game
3) Made some good progress on measurement API design and pipeline
design: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-measurements/issues/32,
4) We made a release candidate for ooniprobe android 1.2.0-rc.1:
5) We are evaluating a possible headless CMS
(https://headlesscms.org/about/) choice for use by OONI

1) We released Tor Browser 7.0.5
2) Collected all the meeting ideas that are Tor Browser related and for
the team meeting day. nickm: We'll probably have a meeting with Mozilla
about what we need to do to get tor integrated into Firefox. It would be
good if one from the network team could attend to help from the
little-t-tor side
3) I started to talk to Jon about special  bug bounty swag
4) Timesheet reporting question (do I as a team lead need to take care
of my team reporting timesheets via Harvest/to accounting?) <- Brad: Sue
is taking care of that

1) working on website in NYC this week w Isa, Linda (+Roger yesterday)
2) helped publish Orfox post. Has been picked up by Threatpost, ZDNet,
Extreme Tech, Neon. Pushing it and new release on social this week
3) finalizing choice of trainer / content for speaker training in Montreal
4) working w Hiro, Isa on newsletter to integrate subscribe elements
from donate.tp. Will work with ux team to align design with newsletter
5) we are live on Outreachy for user advocate internship

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