[tor-project] SponsorR Status Report August 2017

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Sun Sep 3 11:47:13 UTC 2017


here is the August 2017 report for SponsorR:

- We are near the end of our work here!

  We've successfuly merged upstream both the service-side and the client-side
  of prop224 (#20657 & #17242)! Running an HS v3 hidden service should work
  fine from latest master. That's basically the minimum viable product for next
  generation hidden services.

  Now we start a period of testing, bugfixing and maintainance until the stable
  0.3.2 release. Expect a blog post about our work when we have killed most
  serious bugs.

- We fixed various high severity bugs that could influence reachability and
  correctness of prop224: #23110, #23157, #23311, #23335, #23343.

- We have also prepared fixes for various blocker prop224 bugs that we will get
  fixed real soon now:  #23360, #23327, #23056, #23346, #23331, #23355, #23361, #23123

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