[tor-project] August 2017 TC Report

Tommy Collison tommyc at torproject.org
Fri Sep 1 14:44:58 UTC 2017

Quick report on what I got up to in August. Renaming this from "Grants
Report" to "TC Report" because sometimes I do things that aren't grants.


- Got awarded a grant from OTF.
- Got awarded a grant from MDF.
- Submitted a (different) grant to OTF.
- Submitted a grant to Knight Foundation.
- Drafted a letter of inquiry for Tor outreach funding but haven't sent
anywhere yet.
- Researched other funding sources.


- Published a blog post about Tor Browser downloads. [1]
- Edited a blog post about our MOSS final report. [2]
- Edited an upcoming blog post about Orfox updates for Isa.
- Added some copy to our statement on racists being bad [3] and dealt
with the fall-out on the twitterz.
- Worked with Steph on a blog calendar so that we post something at
least once a week.

- Voted on our membership guidelines -- you should too!
- Put all of my New York apartment things in a box and then, a week and
2,865 miles later, unpacked them all in a different apartment in
Seattle. All of the movers asked "Microsoft or Boeing?" and so I got to
tell them about Tor.

Anything that should be on my radar?


[1] https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-downloads-2017
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