[tor-project] Notes from August 31 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 1 07:17:26 UTC 2017

Notes for August 31 2017 meeting:

0) I'm back from the crazy travel. For a bit. Do you have anything to
add to my TODO list?
1) NSF report marathon update: Three reports are in and approved! One is
due in two days but technically it's not ours to write. The fifth is due
in a month and is on track.
2) SponsorR is ending real soon now. We should wrap up and invoice them.
3) My future hobby: getting the network team to adopt bwauth
4) Capture The Onion contest, and Tor Village at Defcon next year
5) I've been playing 34c3 ticket fairy. Do you need one? Does anybody on
your team?
6) Next week I go to NYC to work on website stuff, and Seattle
7) In mid Sept, I might be on a Tor Hidden Services panel in Baltimore
8) In Oct, I'm on a "National Priorities in Computing Research" panel in DC
9) I started trying to find a time to visit SIDA. Maybe I'll try to
bring Alison.

1) We finished the hiring process for the Tor Browser team (there will
be a new team member starting mid-September) and are starting to go over
applications for the mobile browser position.
2) Work on a new stable release and Sponsor 4 is ongoing.
3) I wrestled with getting a bug bounty paid out. Do we want to have bug
bounty related Tor swag? (Hint: I think "yes") If so, how do we get that
project going?

1) last week
 - sponsor4 - got deliverable completion reports for TB out for invoices
 - ux - worked with linda on planning for the upcoming weeks of work,
helped with onion browser survey. worked with tommy on designer grant
 - met with drl for project kick off - homework for me from this meeting
is to review M&E of sponsor 8 and communicate with the team what the
expections are for this first quarter of project
2) this week
 - sponsor4 writing network team deliverable completion report for us to
 - ux - shipped designer grant proposal got to a good version with onion
browser survey preparing ticket to move it to hiro to build it. found a
place (with arma help) for us to meet in NYC next week and work on the
website redesign - also do prep work for this meeting.
 - writing blog post about orfox work and our focus on mobile
3) brazil update - the brazukas want to write a report on the state of
relays in brazuka land

1) Helped launch OONI Cuba report, edited post, shared, contacted media.
2) Working on Onion Browser survey with UX team
3) Got proposals from 2 possible speaker trainers for Oct 14 half day
Montreal training, decision likely next week when Shari is back
4) Working w Isa on Orfox blog post to be published next week. Planning
other content w Tommy.
5) Fundraising campaign on hold after 2 meetings.

1) We published a report on internet censorship in Cuba:
https://ooni.torproject.org/post/cuba-internet-censorship-2017/. It was
covered by Amnesty
was happy to see they used one of our charts in their article featuring
the OONI logo) and more to come.
2) Started to convert the style guide Elio made
(https://github.com/OpenObservatory/design/issues/3) into a "Living
Style Guide" (https://github.com/OpenObservatory/design/pull/4)
3) Seems like we have mostly sorted out the design issues related to
securing our probe orchestration system. See:

1) LFP won about $250,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library
2) The membership guidelines are finally out for a vote! Go vote!
3) LFP is getting a website and logo redesign.
4) Tor meeting agenda: I didn't get a ton of responses. Should we put
out another call for agenda items? [Isabela: I think we will get more
responses once we share a draft, seeing others ideas help ppl think of
what is missing or what to suggest]
5) I may meet up with Roger today to talk about getting more global
coverage for the speakers bureau.

1) Released Onionoo protocol version 4.1 which adds a "version"
parameter and removes bridge clients objects' beta fields "countries",
"transports", and "versions".
2) Planning to have a team meeting in the last week of September in
Berlin and bring results/questions to Montreal two weeks later.

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