[tor-project] Notes from October 26 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Oct 27 07:43:36 UTC 2017

Notes for October 26 2017 meeting:

1) The code of conduct draft is being reviewed by the Community Council
and Erin W right now. Anyone else who wants to review it before the
proposal period on tor-internal can reach out to me directly.
2) I'd like to put together a Tor talk for RightsCon (I don't need to be
the one to deliver it). Ideas about what talk we could give there?
3) Yay, the Core Contributor guidelines are in effect and people are
using them!
4) I'm going to be reaching out to more people to join the Speakers
Bureau. If you know of someone who wants to give Tor talks, ideally
someone who speaks a language other than English, please send them my way.
5) Phoul and I are working on a blog post to encourage more relay
6) Trying to help out where I can with the Primavera Hacker Tor Meetup
7) Finishing the Community Team roadmap!
8) Surveys are pouring in from the meeting. I'll send a reminder today.

1) Stable releases are out, again; new alpha to follow.
2) Team dividing energy between 0.3.2 stabilization stuff and 0.3.3 stuff.
3) Have been hanging out with Isabela yesterday and today to do
planning, roadmapping, etc.
4) Currently under review
5) We should have optional rust code that actually _does_ something in
Tor within the next couple of weeks
6) Several branches for mobile improvements implemented; waiting for
review.  Mobile developers, do the patches for #23845 and #23900 look
like they will do what you want?

1) working on the inter-teams roadmap sharing plan:
2) finishing up Modularization proposal - deadline is tomorrow (friday)
3) got NCE for sponsor4 - new deadline is Jan 31st
4) had a great time meeting with Nick here at his house cover a lot of
stuff related to team organizing and work planning.
5) network speed test metrics collection time - need to spam ppl to do that

1) Preparing a blog post documenting the design and architecture
decisions for the OONI Probe desktop apps to be released tomorrow
2) Making progress on the desktop apps development front
3) Did a weekend doing design stuff with Elio in Rome
4) Published an article on using OONI data on Data Driven Journalism:

1) Finished our team roadmap draft for other teams to review and tell us
what else we're missing and for us to learn from other team roadmaps
what else we should be doing.
2) Working on patch releases for most of the metrics tools due to an
alternate Tor implementation publishing (valid) descriptors that are
unlike the ones that Tor publishes.

1) We launched our fundraising campaign. Tommy has been a huge help!
2) Outreachy application period has closed, so we’re going through
applications. We’ll make a decision by Tues
3) Planning a blog post on the new dirauth with Tommy.
4) RightsCon subs are due Nov 24

1) end-of-year campaign
2) what to do about Tor messenger
3) new office for Seattle
4) DRL submission for modularization
5) meeting with other groups on dealing with harassment
6) going through Outreachy applications

1) Reviewing expense reports from Montreal and analyzing final invoice
from venue
2) Closing books through September 30 and filing compliance reports
3) Working with CPA firm to finalize audit & tax return
4) Working with Jon to implement new system for managing swag inventory
5) Progress Report for Sponsor 8

1) Rightscon brainstorming
2) Roadmapping work
3) Tor Browser releases for donation campaign

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