[tor-project] Future of Tor Messenger

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir at torproject.org
Wed Oct 25 14:49:05 UTC 2017

* isabela:

> Ok! here is a complete different idea :)
> We don't use Thunderbird at all.
> We build on the Browser (Tor Browser). We can start by creating a chat
> client, maybe a chat .onion service one like ricochet.
> By doing it on the browser, now that TB will be working on mobile as
> well, it would be easier to have this chat thing working on mobile.
> Latter on it could even grow with more features like a .onion service
> file sharing thing (like onionshare)..
> Thunderbird has way less resources than FF + Tor Browser. If we go that
> route we might find ourselves in a similar situation eventually.
> If we build on the top of Tor Browser it will have a better chance for a
> long term support.
> Note: I don't know anything related to building any of the things I
> suggested above :) maybe is just impossible or too scary (cuz of
> security reasons)

I really like the idea and it does solve some of the related issues as well. I
have not given much thought to it -- the technical aspect as well -- and I am
waiting to see what others have to say.

The only issue I think will be that some users may not be happy that we are
bundling this with Tor Browser, but I am sure we can come up with a way for
them to opt out.


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