[tor-project] Notes from October 19 2017 Vegas team meeting

Christian Pietsch christian.pietsch at digitalcourage.de
Sun Oct 22 10:23:41 UTC 2017

Hi Arturo,

I am grateful to John for making me aware of this hidden gem in the

On 21 October 2017 at 22:14:25, John Gilmore (gnu at toad.com) wrote:
> Arturo:
> 2) We are migrating our email from runbox to GSuite

Can you please provide more details on this plan?

Please do not take this decision lightly. In my view, moving Tor's
email to Google would damage Tor's reputation beyond repair because
you would hand over personal data of the entire Tor community to the
world's worst data leech. Tor is already avoided by many because of
its close ties to US government agencies. Moving closer to the biggest
actor in commercial surveillance would make things much worse. I'm
afraid people would no longer feel inclined to run Tor relays – I

On Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 10:46:46PM +0200, Arturo Filastò wrote:
> Really? 
> We would rather spend our time developing great software and fighting censorship, than running our own email server.

It is not a big deal to run a mail server, especially if you already
have it running. The organization I volunteer for does this, and their
financial and human resources are much more modest than Tor's.

> If you would like more context and information on the rationale behind this decision I would be more than happy to address your concerns off list.

This is an important decision that should not be taken off-list.


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