[tor-project] Notes from October 19 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Oct 20 09:13:57 UTC 2017

Notes for October 19 2017 meeting:

1) Preparing Tor Browser 7.0.7 and 7.5a6 with the updated donation
campaign code
2) Working on getting the roadmap updated with all the team dependencies

0) What a great meeting!
1) Internews PT meeting on monday/tuesday seemed to go okay; I think
they're likely to adopt practices resulting in convergence on a stable
PT 2.x design.
2) Probably not here today; after 9 days of meetings, I need a break.
3) Network team did a draft roadmap. We included items that depend on,
or that will affect, other teams.

1) Published a report on censorship in Pakistan in collaboration with
Bytes for All:
2) We are migrating our email from runbox to GSuite
3) Updated 4 tests lists:
4) We are going to publish tomorrow a blog post about the OONI team
5) Started experimenting with gatsby and contentful for revamping our
website: https://github.com/openobservatory/ooni-website/tree/gatsby,
found a bunch of bugs in gatsby, may not end up using it.
6) Created a repository containing licenses for OONI software:
https://github.com/openobservatory/legal. Does anybody know some good
friendly lawyers we could reach out to regarding the licensing of data?
7) Began adding support for the new OONI API to OONI Explorer:
8) Following discussion with metrics and TBB teams we started adding
support for extracting tor related metrics inside of ooni-pipeline:
9) My interview for an Italian TV program is available here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDZNqYiiYfo. I also explain what Tor is
and how it works. (retweet if you wish:
10) Making some progress on OONI Probe 3.0:
11) The deployment process of our website has levelled up. When a branch
is merged into master, travis will automatically build it and push it to
staging. Deploying it is then just a matter of running a simple script
(this could be improved)

1) followed via jitsi some of the workshops and sessions of Montreal meeting
2) worked on responding OTF design proposal (deadline oct 24th) -
getting sponsor8 stuff updated and adding modularization proposal to it
(deadline next friday 27th)
3) Organizing inter-team roadmap review / dependencies check:

    Need to know if team leads here agrees with it. [Geko: sounds good
to me, Arturo: sgtm, karsten: Oct 23 is reaaaally soon] [alison: I also
would like a little more time but overall I think it's a good plan]
4) adam is getting our sponsor4 amendment for a NCE changing the
deadline till end of January
5) all day meeting with Shari today here in NYC!

1) Recovered from Montreal, worked off some tickets from my inbox,
reviewed quite some code, ignored the rest.

1) talking with fellow travelers about safety in our community
2) working on modularization proposal with Isa and Tommy
3) working on end-of-year blog post and other eoy stuff
4) Tor meeting feedback?

1) working w hiro to finalize newsletter portal and to make some design
changes to the blog
2) working on fundraising campaign, launching monday
3) tidying up comms retrospective, adding to 2018 strategy, incl notes
from montreal. will be working in seattle in november with shari and
tommy to finalize
4) tommy is taking on compiling positive onion services use cases
5) IFF submissions are due Oct 31

1) Working on several follow-up items from Montreal this week
2) Submitted paperwork necessary to open brokerage account for accepting
stock donations
3) Held discussions with employees in Montreal about updated time
budgets, and have been rolling out the new budgets this week.
4) Compliance reports for Sponsor 8 due 10/31, so please submit Sept.
time sheets asap if you haven't already done so.

1) I hope everyone had a good meeting! I did. I was really pleased to
see how many people reported feeling happier/healthier at this meeting.
2) I hope to get a post-meeting survey out soon (need to check in with
Jon and gunner)
3) September 2018 meeting -- Brazil?
4) The implicit bias session was great. We should do more plenaries like
5) We should also do a roadmapping-share session with all teams.
6) Can we talk about how possible it would be to organize childcare at
future meetings?

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