[tor-project] Analyzing bwauth disagreements

dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Mon Oct 9 16:50:37 UTC 2017

> There has been a small amount of volunteer progress on maintaining
> the current bandwidth authority code.
> But we haven't made any progress on bwscanner. Perhaps because we're
> not sure who is working on it or where it is at.

OK. I'll send Donncha a quick e-mail asking him about the current status.

> To make progress, we need a list of priorities for bandwidth
> authorities, and people with time to make them happen. This needs
> people from the network team, and directory authority operators.
> > ...
> > 
> > Meejah and I were planning to facilitate a workshop/discussion about
> > these and other issues related to scanning the tor network. Are you
> > coming to the meeting in Montreal?
> There's also a session on bandwidth authorities - do you think we should
> merge the two?

I'm not sure. Was anyone actually planning to attend the session about
scanning the tor network besides meejah and I? If not then merge them.

I definitely would attend the bandwidth authorities session. I think
these network health issues are important and should get more
attention since they very much affect the security properties of tor.
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