[tor-project] Notes from October 5 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Oct 6 07:33:46 UTC 2017

Notes for October 5 2017 meeting:

1) Wrote a roadmap draft for metrics team work until Q3/2018 that we'd
like to share with tor-dev@ on Friday and ask for feedback on missing
goals or possibly wrong priorities. If you can, please give it a look
and tell us whether that's a bad idea for some reason (or be the first
to provide feedback!)
2) What's the current process for adding people to tor-internal@?
Conclusion, updated after the meeting:

1) Mozilla All Hands coordination: sent mails to Ethan
2) Continued hiring process for Sponsor8: we are almost done for the
browser positions I think

1) Alpha released: now ahf and isis have the experience of doing it.
Planning to add more people as we go along.
2) Trying to manage questions of stability vs bugfixing in 0.3.2. Seem
to be doing okay, but risk remains.
3) Going to New England Systems Verification Day at MIT tomorrow; will
present some of our verification wishlist.
4) We have found that, although our test coverage is improving as a
percentage, our number of uncovered lines is not falling. We need to
evaluate strategies here to improve our coverage.
5) Rust is a fun programming language.  We'll be talking about Rust
stuff at the Montreal meeting a lot.

1) Getting ready for Montreal meeting
2) Mark Your Calendars: next Tor Meeting dates are March 11-15 in Rome;
we're signing contract with hotel this week
3) Any topics to discuss for open or closed board meeting?
4) Was in San Francisco last week; lots of meetings.

1) Sent some orientation to network team for roadmap and retrospective
sessions at teams meeting day
2) Got all the stuff UX team needs to print for Montreal - sending to
Jon today (hopefully is not too late)
3) Finished the designer proposal with Tommy - hopefully we will get it
4) Working with steph and hiro on the newsletter - final reviews and tests
5) Met with Nick and coordinated some stuff including Chile :) I emailed
folks there to confirm the presentation will update speakers list when I
get more information from Chile people (and copy Nick of course)
6) Excited with all the sessions in Montreal - please reinforce the note
taking :) so folks like me can follow up
7) Preparing for including modularization work as part of sponsor8
contract - me, shari and tommy are meeting tomorrow about that

1) Lots of sharing / promotion: blog posts and releases, upcoming events
2) Checking over final changes with Isa and Hiro to have our newsletter
3) Working with GR + comms team on fundraising campaign - have major
designs set!
4) Will start to more thoroughly track upcoming events and will try hand
at coordinating sessions

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