[tor-project] Notes from November 16 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Nov 17 08:32:45 UTC 2017

Notes for November 16 2017 meeting:

1) Planning next alpha release ( around 22 or 27 Nov; and
for stable releases and around 8 Dec.
2) Who should help figure out what a Censorship Team is?  [Roger, please
review the pad!]

1) New releases are out (7.0.10 and 7.5a8)
2) Blog post about our Fastly usage, who is working on that one?
Deadline is probably Friday next week (Nov 24)
3) Being at OTF and talking to quite some people: Adam from OTF, Torsten
from the Briar project and others

1) Rebranded Tor Atlas to Tor Metrics Relay Search and made it visually
part of Tor Metrics.
2) Made some internal improvements to ExoneraTor by migrating from
Tomcat to Jetty, which facilitates operation.
3) Included as much feedback on our roadmap as we could, will send
roadmap PDF to tor-dev@ tomorrow (Friday).
4) Planning to write a blog post about Tor Metrics improvements (Relay
Search, metrics timeline, ExoneraTor) later this month or even year.

1) met with various funders and others in Valencia at OTF Summit
2) hired Antonela! :)

1) working on MDF final report
2) getting process for building sites organized as well as other UX team
roadmap items (such as testing new tor launcher configuration UI!)
3) November 17 - tomorrow is the deadline to get your needs synced with
people. And to sync with those who needs your help. Please add keyword
'TEAMNAME-need' to tickets/tasks that are dependencies from other teams.

1) first newsletter went out
2) fundraising campaign emails out this morning
3) kat and i started talking about this in montreal, she’s now updating
hidden to onion across the site
4) RightsCon submission is due Nov 24

1) Updated Grant/Contract Compliance spreadsheet through 10/31 and will
be sending out the new version today or tomorrow.

Next Vegas team meeting will be in *two* weeks on November 30!

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