[tor-project] Notes from weekly network team meeting, 13 Nov 2017

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Tue Nov 14 00:19:20 UTC 2017

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Hi!  We had our weekly network-team meeting this week, but a lot of folks
were busy with travel or healthcare or other important things.  So, we had
a little but awesome meeting.

We love new people at these meetings!  Come to the next one!

The logs and the summary messages are  at

Below are the contents of the pad where we took our notes:

Network team meeting pad, 13 November 2017

Welcome to our meeting!  Every monday at 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.
(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put them
in *boldface*!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

Note the meeting location: #tor-meeting on OFTC!
for background.)

Meeting notes from last week:

   - *


    - Review-group-25 is open
    - Does everybody know about the current time allocations that Brad sent
around? (ie, where Accounting thinks that we're spending our time)
    - We need headcount for TeamRotation. Nobody is assigned for ticket
triage this week.
    - Planning for around 24 Nov; and for stable releases and around 8 Dec

Discussion Topics:
    - Sprint updates: start of Nov, end of Nov. How did it go?
    - How are we doing on 032 stability?
    - Remember to cross-check other teams' roadmaps. (See Isa's email.)
    - Who needs help with end-of-november?

teor (offline):
    Last week:
        * Ongoing work with Karsten to graph relay and bridge IPv6 ORPorts,
and exit IPv6 support
          (This shows the impact of authority IPv6 support changes around
22 October)
        * Looked at some security issues
        * Continued to implement domain counting in Experimental PrivCount
        * Reviewed the inter-team roadmap pad and added some info
    This week:
        * Revise the IPv6 proposal
        * Review the shamir sharing proposal draft by nickm, and add a
section about noise limits
        * Confirm the details of noise limits with Aaron
        * Finish domain counting in Experimental PrivCount, and maybe do
country/AS as well

catalyst (might miss this meeting if medical stuff takes longer than
    Last week (2017-W45):
        - some HackerOne review
        - more download schedule investigation
        - reviewed more floating point stuff (#23523, #23061)
        - looked at some circuit build timeout stuff (#24228)
        - more support on IRC: another instance of someone needing to
delete the special macOS directory to get Tor Browser to work. filed #22611
so we can improve our documentation
    This week (2017-W46):
        - more bootstrapping research
        - make more progress on #23605 (don't report progress in building
circuits when we don't have a sufficiently live consensus to initialize our
guard state)

  [Physical training starts colliding with the meeting schedule (training
ends 19:10, meeting starts 19:00).
   Might be 20 mins late...]
  Last week:
  - Continued progress with md bugs and #23817. We still have some tests
failing that we
    need to figure out.
  - Found #24228 which seems concering. Unclear if it's a bug and how to
handle it.
  - Reviewed #23985, #23100.
  - Looked into #23764. Important hsv3 ticket, some work required.
  This week:
  - More progress with md stuff.
  - Get #24228 fixed.
  - More progress with prop224 stuff.
  - Figure out guard stuff.


   - I wont be around during the meeting. My flight lands in Valencia
   airport an hour after the meeting is over.

   - Last week (don't have my notes from home - writing from Zurich

   - Sponsor 8:

   - - Setup a VM locally to build android packages automatically when
   there are commits in Tor (runs every 5 min.): missing to setup an fdroid
   repo to give everyone access to the apk's (if people dare).

   - - Looked at Nick's proposal for hibernation.

   - - Finish up on doc/HACKING/android documents. Will create merge
   requests this week for it.

   - - Trying to find a way to run some automatic tests on the device for
   battery consumption reproducibility.

   - This week:

   - Misc:

   - - At the OTF summit in Valencia with GeKo, Shari, and a lot of other
   people. Let me know if I need to chat with anybody on your behalf or
   anything! :-)



   - Last week:

   - - Piles of review and merging!

   - - Put out Too many last-minute fixes :(

   - - Opened a few TROVE entries

   - - Wrote a proposal draft for improved hibernation design &
   implementation for mobile platforms. (#24107)

   - - Wrote a proposal draft for privcount + shamir secret sharing (#22955)

   - - Wrote a "move ed25519-to-consensus" proposal (#23170)

   - - Wrote an API draft for more controller C API improvements

   This week:
     - Begin preparing backports for upcoming stable releases.
     - More review and merging
     - Work on some mobile performance code with Ahf
     - Help people with end-of-November stuff.
     - Solicit feedback on designs.

  - Last week:
    * Worked on HSv3 control port spec (prop#284) and implementation
    * Reviewed and made patches for 032 tickets.
    * Helped asn with #24228.
    * Opened #24186 and worked on getting it fixed asap for the last week
      alpha release.
  - This week:
    * Hope to finish the #20699 ticket (control port implementation) and set
      it in needs_review for 033 merge.
    * Plan to work on tor-sched stuff (#23993) from the answers I got on my
      tor-dev@ thread ("Intense Trek").
    * Move forwards my 032 tickets in needs_information and review tickest
      from the review group.

    -Last week:
     * submitted DRL Q3 report (august and september)
     * didn't had time to send out Tor Launcher check in email - hope to do
it today
    - This week:
     * Pinged people on follow up with other teams
     * Send out check in email for Tor Launcher work
     * coordinate with UX, HS and TB folks for HS usability work

    Last week:
        - Finished up moat #22871
        - Commented on H1 report and learned my way around the interface
and how to use it
        - Meeting with Moz about Tor integration
        - (It's very early here, I'll remember more stuff as I boot up)
    This week:
        - Deploy beta moat
        - Start on proposal (re-)writing for prop#271 and prop#269 and/or
PQ TLS proposal

    Last Week:
        - Submitted review/merge requests for #23100 and #23114; fixed them
up a bit
        - Started working on #23101 and #13837
    This week:
        - Fix up #23100 and #23114 as per reviews
        - Draft patches for #23101 and #13837
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