[tor-project] Notes from November 9 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Nov 10 08:28:27 UTC 2017

Notes for November 9 2017 meeting:

1) Submitted Tor 'State of the Onion' proposal to LibrePlanet
2) Montreal meeting survey responses: I just compiled them and I'll
share with this group sometime in the coming week. Overall, very
positive feedback for the meeting, and lots of requests about improving
the open days.
3) Speaking in Paris next week!
4) Anyone have any idea when we can start submitting talk ideas to HOPE?
5) Coordinating with other teams on user support/support related feedback
6) Phoul is making plans to translate the website, starting with the
Downloads page.
7) Phoul and I are working on a blog post to encourage new relay operators
8) Doing a lot of work to prepare for LFP's new IMLS grant (starts in

1) Done with a security release (7.0.9, 7.5a7) which was tricky as we
only have a workaround which was incomplete first and breaks
functionality; furthermore it did cost a lot of time at the end of
Sponsor4; thanks again to Filippo Cavallarin + Mozilla and all the
others that helped to make this a less bumpy experience than it could
have been
2) We are trying to wrap up all remaining pieces for Sponsor4 this month

1) Onward with releases! 0.3.2 stability is a priority; work on 0.3.3 is
slowing a bit because of that... but it's important.
2) Promising discussion with mozilla folks earlier this week. I should
make sure that at least some folks attending moz all-hands are briefed
on the issues that the moz folks were interested in.

1) Many from the OONI team will be at the OTF summit next week (I will
probably miss the vegas meeting)
2) We got nominated for the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression
Award for the Digital Activism category (see:
https://www.indexoncensorship.org/2016/11/awards-2017/) and we are
writing answers to their questions to hopefully get shortlisted.
3) Various 34c3 logistics. We have an OONI assembly at 34c3:
Is Tor going to have a presence at 34c3? Should we join forces?
4) Circulated a call for volunteers to work with us on developing a
methodology to measure internet blackouts in regions affected the most:
5) Gave an interview to an Italian TV channel about the TorMoil bug.
6) Maria gave a presentation about OONI at FSCONS in Norway
7) Simone started a ICFP fellowship at MLAB this month for on year to
work on Measurement Kit
8) We contributed to the Citizen Lab's submission to the UN by providing
relevant OONI data:
9) Making progress on the mobile app revamping mockup.

1) Put draft specification of Tor web server logs on Tor Metrics.
2) Discussed next steps for writing better notifications for metrics
services and a unified Java package naming scheme for all metrics code
3) Made some sample IPv6 graphs for Tor Metrics.
4) Made mockups for adding metrics timeline entries underneath graphs.

1) Enjoying being in Seattle
2) Working on comms strategy
3) Lining up blog content, fundraising emails, newsletter, post on Nyx
out yesterday
4) Tweets, tweets, tweets
5) Fundraising: we're up to ~72k, 144k with match

1) In final stages of financial statement and compliance audit.
Auditors expect to issue draft audit report this week.
2) TPI is required to issue formal response to DRL Monitoring Report
issued after site visit in Aug 2016. Need assistance with response to
Programmatic portion.
3) Between now and year-end, I'll be making a push to update all finance
and accounting-related policies & procedures, and will be creating new
policy docs as needed.  I may reach out to some folks on the vegas team
for assistance during that process.

1) Roadmaps process is moving pretty good. Last week teams check in
meeting were a good start. This week the UX team and Service have
created their roadmaps. I will also send an update to tor-project for
all community.
  ux roadmap
  service roadmap
2) Submitted sponsor8 Q3 (august and sept) report - still for this week
there are some sponsor4 reports
3) Organizing some ideas for a 2018 grant strategy meeting in Seattle
early december
4) organizing new hires coming up with SIDA contract and kickoff meeting
with people who will be involved in this project
5) organizing a plan for building support.tpo (while thinking about the
other portals - cuz we will share a lot from design decision to framework).
6) working with Geko on Sukhbir onboarding - 'defining working plan',
exercise we are doing/following is here:

1) met with funder in San Francisco
2) in Valencia next week for OTF Summit
3) so much going on, but not really much to report!

1) Shari, can you ask Marcin at the OTF summit about the "Roger goes to
Sweden to do talk for SIDA" topic? Planning my travel ahead of time
works best.
2) I'll be gone next week for two conferences (Monday to Thursday, then
Friday to Saturday).

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